WORKSHOPS by Barbara Florio Graham

The sold-out workshop, How to Promote Your Book or Your Business, is now available for download. 
$ 35 on its own, or just $20 with the purchase of Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity.  The workshop notes contain 30 pages from the presentation along with "bonus" materials.  Click HERE for details. 

Cat Got Your Tongue? explores various types of humor writing. A sold-out event sponsored by 
the City of Ottawa,  notes and handouts from this workshop are  available for download.
For $35, purchasers will receive a copy of Mewsings/Musings along with notes from the presentation and "bonus" materials. Click HERE for details.

Tapping Your Innate Creativity: now available as an online tutorial. This popular workshop has been given to many corporate clients as well as to non-profit organizations, and testimonials date back to 1987.

WITH THE PURCHASE OF Five Fast Steps to BETTER Writing

BONUS PACKAGE #1: Time Management workshop  - $15. TOTAL: $40. for book plus bonus.

BONUS PACKAGE #2:  Shorthand Booket (with Interviewing Tips) - $15.  TOTAL: $40. for book plus bonus.

BONUS PACKAGE #3:  Write It! Sell It! Sell It Again! - $15.  TOTAL: $40. for book plus bonus.

Writing with Power & Precision
based on Five Fast Steps to Better Writing
Franchises to Writing with Power & Precision are available in various locations.
Details about teaching this course are HERE.