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8 weeks:  online lectures, tips, forms, resources
 Take Tapping Your Innate Creativity as an online tutorial.
Start any time; set your own pace; 
send assignments for feedback if/when you wish; 
ask questions any time. 

OR:   Creativity Tune-Up PDF

This PDF contains course materials with 8 lectures, suggested assignments to do at your own pace, as well as new and updated bonus material. No feedback, as that's only available in the complete Tapping Your Innate Creativity course.  A bargain at just $80. (U.S. or Canadian).  Email BFG @ to arrange for payment and delivery of the PDF.

Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.  
(Ray Bradbury)

Often the difference between a great piece of  writing and one that is merely good is that spark of creativity, that startling insight, that cause the reader to say

  WOW !

Whether you write ad copy, fiction, non-fiction or poetry, whether you are a small business looking for a niche for your promotion, or writing promotional materials for other businesses and corporations, this course will help you discover creativity you didn't realize you had, and allow you to tap it at will.

Creativity is really the structuring of magic. (Anne Kent Rush)

This is not your usual writing course. It is an exploration of the mind: 
yours, mine, others in the course, as well as the genius of writers,
 inventors, and other creators in a wide variety of disciplines.

Each "lesson" deals with a different area of the mind, showing you how to obtain the most from its potential. The assignments vary from exercises which will seem more like child's play (but don't be fooled by appearances!) to writing assignments which draw on your own experiences, to specific tasks which are designed to surprise you and your classmates.

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. 
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

The list of resources accompanying this course is an eclectic selection from my own library. None of them is required reading.  If you feel you need help with the writing process, or are beginning a freelance career, order  Five Fast Steps to Better Writing  If you pay for this when you register for the course, you can obtain it at a discount, for just $15 (plus postage).


CONTACT US indicating your intention to register for this course. Please include the date you want to begin. When we confirm when the course will start,  you will be asked to send a check or money order for $250.  (U.S. or Canadian funds). As soon as we receive your check,  you'll receive the introduction and first week's lecture and assignment. Every week you'll receive another lecture plus bonus material.  You can start any time, take a week or two off if you need to,  and progress at your own pace.  This course is conducted via straight text e-mail, no attachments and no password to memorize. You will receive as much feedback as you wish.


Eric Hoffer defined creativity as:
a matter of moments. 
One has to piece together the minute grains to make a lump. 
And it is so easy to miss the momentary flashes. 
It is like sluicing in placer mining. 
He who lets the flakes float by has nothing to show for his trouble. 

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile
the moment a single man contemplates it,
bearing within him the image of a cathedral. 
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

About Tapping Your Innate Creativity

Online tutorial, Winter, 2006

an excellent course
the best thing was being able to take my time
because I could complete the assignments at my own pace
equally important is that it really stretched me to go beyond a comfort level
and thus to find pleasure in writing beyond my usual style and to trust my creativity.
(Elizabeth Atherton-Reid, Edmonton, Alberta -

Online course, Winter, 2005

It made me more aware of the creative process, 
and activated my brain to new ways of thinking about creativity.
(Alice Cunningham, Bella Vista, Arkansas)

 What I liked best was the fact that
 it did exactly what the course promised to do. 
It encouraged us to look at things in new ways 
and perhaps to take a different approach to writing.
(June Coxon, Pres. of the Media Club, Ottawa)

Online course, Winter, 2004

The best thing about this course was the provision of ideas, materials and stimulus 
to get my creative juices going - balanced with the freedom to do my own thing...
another was the personal involvement of the instructor.  
She was able to weave herself in and out between the sharing of ideas and the sharing of herself. 
She also became involved in the lives of the students and drew us together. What a rich benefit!
(Marta Felber, Bella Vista, Arkansas

It's been delightful...
I was amazed at how my thoughts came together and flowed out onto paper.
(Linda Everett, San Francisco, CA)

Online course, Winter, 2003

I'm going to refer back to this again and again, 
when I'm stuck myself, 
when I'm trying to offer a suggestion to someone else, 
when I'm trying something new, 
to get me "in the mood".
(Carol Wicks Munroe, Aransas Pass, Texas)

Workshop for the Cat Writers' Association,
Houston, Texas, November 2002

I got many great ideas...
obviously just the tip of the iceberg so not enough!
extremely fun and entertaining while being useful.
(James Edwards, St. Lake City, UT)

I absolutely loved it and it made *so* much sense.
(Kate Eldridge, Vernon, NY)

Online course, Summer, 2002

I'd highly recommend this course to other writers, no matter at what level of writing...
I think anyone would benefit from this course.
(Raheena Charania, Redmond, WA)

Online course, Summer, 2001:

Well thought-out and encouraging from beginning to end; 
met and exceeded any expectations  I might have had
(Jennifer Chu, San Franciso, CA)

This course was so much fun...  (Danielle Petit, Ontario)

What a great instructor you've been, Bobbi! 
In my head it's like the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" when everything is suddenly in color...  
(Katie Cromer, Texas) excellent instructor, who has a flair for encouraging all her students, yet at the same time
providing the necessary constructive criticism when needed.
(Krista Dunlop, Ontario)

...a very rewarding and helpful experience.

I learned more than I had ever hoped about creativity and how it works in the mind and on the page. 
 (Debbie Mason, Michigan)

Online course: winter, 2000

I rate this course outstanding. It was tailored to the individual participants and flexible.
 I learned new ways to look at things, a curiosity about things I've been missed out on, 
as well as some techniques for expanding and stretching my writing style.
- (Karen Swanson,  California)

The course ended up being excellent. I was a little leary of signing up for an online class,
 being uncertain if it would provide the incentive to get assignments completed. 
To my wonderment, I thoroughly delved into the class and gained a wealth of knowledge
 and confidence in my writing. The assignments were awesome. 
They challenged my abilities and made me think from a different perspective. 
(Corinne Keller, California)

The Periodical Writers Association of Canada,
Annual general meeting, Victoria, B.C. -  June 5, 1999

"extremely well prepared and obviously comfortable with the subject matter,"
 "expresive and warm and draws from many creative disciplines," 
"amiable and stimulating," 
"very engaging," 
"vigorous, inspiring; teachers should take this seminar."

The International Conference of the International Association of Business Communicators,
London, England, June, 1987

Excellent...Stimulating presentation, because Barbara believes
in what she presents and is a creative, spontaneous person. 
(Margret Frei, SWITZERLAND)

Excellent...Lively and entertaining (and fun) as well as relevant.
                    (Barbara Silbermann, ENGLAND)

Excellent...Inspiring!  Just what I needed.  I wish I could bottle Barbara 
and open her at work each Monday morning.
  (Ann Downing, TEXAS)

Excellent...Innovative, stimulating, informal, interesting.
 (Mitch Lubitz, FLORIDA)

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