Five Fast Steps
BETTER Writing

Your Innate


by Barbara Florio Graham

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Called the best p.r. primer we've ever seen by the Editor of Writing for Money,
and not only informative but practically indispensable by Canadian Fund Raiser,
excerpted in Canadian Living, P.R. World, Canadian Writer's Guide,
and many Canadian and U.S. newsletters.

First published in 1988, won an IABC Award in 1990,
revised in 2003 with additional chapters on
e-mail, websites and using the Internet.


             This manual assumes that you know little or nothing about publicity, and although it cannot replace a course or workshop where your specific questions can be answered, it is an attempt to provide guidelines on the most important aspects of  this complex field. Even if you think you know quite a bit about marketing yourself, your product, service or organization, you will learn tips gleaned from many years in the field, both as a public relations professional and as a member of the media.
             Please skim the entire book, in sequence, even if you think you know the basics.  Some of the terms referred to in later sections are explained at the beginning of the book, and it is vital that you not skip the first two sections.  If you haven't defined your audience and yourself, none of your efforts will succeed! 
             I have deliberately repeated some information that pertains to different sections, so that each set of guidelines is complete without reference to other sections.


              Barbara Florio Graham is a professional writer, teacher and communications consultant based in Ottawa.  Author of Five Fast Steps to Better Writing, which is on the curriculum at several colleges and universities, she is also the author of Musings/Mewsings, and has been published in twenty anthologies and  in six countries.
              She was the Entertainment Editor of What's On in Ottawa for several years, a freelance broadcaster for the CBC, and a regular contributor to many Canadian and U.S. newspapers and magazines. 
              A founding member of the Board of Directors of The Macdonald Club, Barbara has also served on such Boards as The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society, and the Cultural Human Resources Council.  She has also served as Public Relations Consultant for such organizations as SearchLine and the Ottawa YM-YWCA and handled media training for the Canadian Association of University Teachers. Among her clients for publicity and editorial consulting are Medica Publishing, Versailles Group Ltd. (Boston), Law Enforcement Supply Company (Florida), and "Disappearing Nightly" with magician Chris Pilsworth.
             Named Communicator of the Year by the Ottawa chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators in 1990, in part because of her production of the first edition of this book, Barbara also won an Outstanding Service Award from the Periodical Writers Association of Canada as well as being named professional writer of the year by the Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Authors' Association.


for non-profit organizations, small businesses, individual artists and entrepreneurs

not only informative but practically indispensable  (Canadian Fund Raiser)

"Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity" is the cats' meow!  I volunteer with a non profit rescue.  They read this book and now you can find me all over the web, and in several magazines.  If you're trying to get your name out there, but don't have much money,
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excerpted in
Canadian Living, P.R. World, Canadian Writer's Guide, Sources HotLink Newsletter


I.   Identifying Your Audience                                                                          

                      WHO are they?
                      WHERE are they?
                      WHAT do they read? 
                      WHICH broadcast media do they listen to?
                      HOW can you grab their attention?
                      WHY might they be interested in what you have to offer?

II.   Defining Yourself                                                                                      

                      Your Unique Selling Position
                      Your Identifying Statement

III.  Understanding the Media                                                                        

                       What's the Difference?                               
                       What Receives Media Attention                    
                       Positive Media Attention                            
                       Weekly & Monthly Newspapers                          
                       Approaching the Fringe Media                        
                       Is It News?                                         
                       Selecting Media Contacts                                                      
                       When to Contact the Media  
                       Media Horror Stories                                

IV.   Being Professional                                                                                 

                       General Guidelines for Print Materials              
                       Media Releases                                      
                       Sample Media Release                                
                       Public Service Announcements (PSA's)               
                       Sample PSA                                          
                       Writing for Radio                                   
                       Handling Print Interviews                          
                       Telephone Interviews                               
                       Television Interviews                              
                       Talk Shows                                          
                       Both Radio and TV                                  
                       Public Meetings                                    
                       Television Noticeboard Spots                        
                       Doing Your Own Make-up for TV                       
                       Tricks of the Trade                                 
                       Confrontational Interviews                          

V. Developing Further Initiatives                                                                 

                       Logos, Posters, Flyers              
                       Developing a Brochure                              
                       Brochure Design                                     
                       Newsletter Layout                                   
                       Layout Tips                                         
                       Keeping Costs Down                                  
                       Advertising Basics                                  
                       Direct Mail                                       
                       Letters to the Editor                               
                       Sample Letters to the Editor                       
                       Placing a Feature Article                           
                       Preparation for Speeches from a Platform           
                       Notecards for Speeches & Media Interviews           
                       Checklist for Speeches & Interviews  
                       Using Visual Aids                                  
                       The Press Conference                                
                       Structure of a Media Conference                    


                          Why Publicity Sometimes Fails
                          The Basics:  Show, Tell, Give                       
                          Typesetting Terms                                  
                          Internal Communication                             
                          Using Photos for Public Relations                   
                          Eliminating Bias from P.R. Writing                 
                          Copyright & Trademark                               
                          Setting Up a Media Room                             
                          Crisis Management                                   
                          Lobbying Provincial & Federal Governments           
                          Participating in a Telethon                         
                          Clothing Selection for Public Appearances           
                          Negotiating Strategies    
                          Community Relations                                 


                          Do You Need a Website?                                                 
                          A Note About E-mail                                

NOTE:  All materials in this handbook are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or used for
teaching purposes.    ©  1988, Barbara Florio Graham; Second Edition, 2003

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MENTORING in marketing, media techniques, publicity strategies.

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Five Fast Steps
BETTER Writing

Your Innate


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