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What they said:

In this COVID-19 era, home-bound and ODed on binge-watching British murder mysteries, I got some potentially good news in April: one of the publishers I had approached in January with my debut novel manuscript was interested!   Several email exchanges later, he forwarded a fairly complicated (to my mind) contract.  Having benefitted from Barbara's advice a few years ago in connection with my children's book, I sought her help again. I am happy to say that, after three iterations of the contract and following her guidance, I have a very satisfactory signed deal.  Barbara's invaluable feedback comes from years of experience. It is prompt and to the point. And now, I can look forward to holding my book in my hands as early as 2021! Thanks so much, Barbara.
                                                                                                                Anna Blauveldt, former Canadian Ambassador to Iceland

I appreciate your keen insights and broad knowledge.   Peter Grant, author, historian, photographer.


           Last year, I was looking for some help writing my first book. As someone who’d tried previously to write a novel, I knew how big the task was. I had questions every day, and this was just at the draft-writing stage. So, I did what most people would do: head out on the internet to read all the polished pitches by professional editors and writing coaches.

          Then, while looking for the needle in a haystack, something amazing happened: I came across the name of Bobbi Florio Graham. Someone I had contacted recommended her highly. When I got in touch with her, she was very welcoming but low-key. I sent her a description of my project and before I knew it, we were working together.
          Since that time, my novel has gone from a very passionate collection of ramblings to - if I may say - a coherent story. And, in addition to giving me great feedback on the writing itself, Bobbi has now directed me toward the critical next steps, such as letters to publishers and a website.
          Working with her has saved me a huge amount of time and effort. I’ve been able to make mistakes that she catches before they go out to people who could make critical decisions about my book. There is no way I’d be this far along without Bobbi’s help. She’s helped me get closer to my lifelong goal of publishing a novel, while teaching me so many other things.
          What an incredible person on so many levels!
                                                             Chris Higgins: 


Barbara Florio Graham is a delight to work with.  She is knowledgeable, efficient, organized and very insightful.  I have learned the value of listening to and following her comments, critiques (always given gently) and observations.  If I had not been mentored by Barbara, I do not know where I would be.  Her belief in me and my first book, her suggestions, contacts and everything she has offered me have been inspirational.  Because of her competence, I am well on my way to seeing this book go forward.  I think any writer who contracts with her will succeed, because Barbara has a real expertise and offers this so enthusiastically.  Future authors, you will be in good hands!  I will be eternally grateful to you, Barbara, for your efforts on my behalf.    
                   - Susan Taylor-Davidson -
After To Pluck a Crow: the Hands Behind Shakespeare's Pen was published, Sue wrote in the book she gave Bobbi, Mentor extraordinaire! Thanks for believing in me and this book when my courage was waning!

From Susan in October, 2019: My second book is at Renaissance for final corrections.  They have 2 books up for awards this year!  If it were not for you I would not have a book...I know that.  Your encouragement meant so much and your expertise were invaluable!


Once again, I want to thank Bobbi for all her helpful tips over the years. With all her savvy and know-how, she's a national treasure!     
                                Kathleen Hamilton

Hi Barbara. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for putting the Resources for Entrepreneurs  together. I've been writing a persuasive speech (for the first time!) and was happy to find such great help. Many resources listed have been extremely valuable, and I am no longer terrified of public speaking.    Sonia Kumar


          I want to say a proper thank you for all of your help reviewing the contract for my next book.  As I told you it was a while since I have had to review a contract and the changes and complexity were mind boggling.  I appreciate the time it took for you to read through and comment on each section of this long document.
         Your suggested changes, and as importantly questions you recommended I asked, helped clarify and frankly gave me to courage and inspiration to seek out a better agreement for myself.  Happily you were right on.  I now have an improved agreement and have things clarified so that I understand them.  I'm starting this new book project with confidence in the outcome and with the good mindset that comes from feeling its a fair and potentially profitable venture which will see my work presented in a book I can be proud of.
                  - Julie Watson -


As I was shifting from writing to marketing my award-winning book, The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy, I attended Barbara Florio Graham's workshop.  Among so many things I learned, I now know that "award-winning" is part of any sentence I write or utter about that book.  I bought and used Bobbi's list of libraries, and generated sales from it.  She is also a constant source of encouragement to find time to actually work on my next volume about climate change and how individual consumers, taxpayers and voters can fix it.
                       Darryl McMahon,


From Susan Haskins on Facebook:
          I owe Bobbi so much! She kept me going through a difficult time while showing me the way to make a life and career as a creative woman.


Barbara has a remarkable depth of knowledge and experience, so much so that it was a no-brainer to hire her to review my work. She's provided me with invaluable mentoring for my books in both print and digital versions. Such expertise is a rare find.           
                                                 Richard Bercuson, Ottawa, Ontario - 


I can't recommend Bobbi highly enough as a mentor. For even an established author like myself, she can provide valuable tips on publicity and marketing.      
                                                 Valerie Knowles, author of Capital Lives.


 Thanks for enriching our Byline with your sage advice and observations.
                                      Sharyn Heagle, Past-President & Byline Editor
                                      Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region (Ottawa) Branch

I received superb advice from Bobbi for my first book project. So, I asked her to advise me on my second one! Could not have fully understood either contract without her valuable skills and wisdom at my side, to help it all make sense. She understands the publishing process and she understands the needs of authors. Thank you, Bobbi. I sing your praises. 
     Margaret A. Barker, Maryland. Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce and Conservation (2015),
                                                           Audubon Birdhouse Book (2013)

Thanks for the article. It's one of the best we have published to date. If you have other articles related to the 
craft or business of writing, I'd love to have them.
             Sharyn Heagle, Past-President & Byline Editor
             Canadian Authors' Association, National Capital Region


Barbara Florio Graham has advised us on a number of issues from proposals to employee problems and client issues. She is a real "brain," always reliable and an excellent value. 
             The Versailles Group Ltd., Boston


Bobbi was recommended to me by a family member.  I was sceptical at first about hiring someone to look over my book contract. It seemed like something I should be able to do myself. I'm so glad I decided to have Bobbi assess it for me instead. She found important areas of concern I would have missed. I was surprised at how quickly she was able to deliver a thorough and invaluable assessment of the contract. Not only that, she went the extra mile and made it clear and easy for me to understand her comments and advice.  Bobbi is truly an expert in her field, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her services without hesitation.  
                             Michaela Chung, Nanaimo, B.C.


Seeking Barbara Florio Graham's advice on the partnership agreement with my publisher was one of the best moves I have made in connection with my children's book.  She has been more than generous with her time, and her analysis and recommendations - based on a treasure trove of experience - have been beyond insightful.  What a fantastic resource for authors, such as me, who are new to the publishing game!
                            Anna Blauvelt,  former Canadian ambassador to Iceland
                            author of Kat and the Meanies, a Canada Book Award winner. 


Bobbi was an invaluable resource and support in untangling a contract issue.  She knows her stuff.
            Cheryl Stewart, Cricket Communications 

Barbara Florio Graham of SIMON TEAKETTLE INK has served as a mentor for this humble author throughout 2013.  An encouraging Book Shepherd, she has helped me to take my website and my marketing initiatives for my two books, Williams Gift and Horse of a Lifetime, to the next level. Her knowledge of the use of social media to promote my books and her love of books in general has been enhanced by her obvious love of animals, generating encouraging results.  I appreciate her support, skills and services very much.
                                                                                                Helen Douglas, DVM, Carleton Place, Ontario

Bobbi is a great mentor: perceptive, experienced, honest and practical! Her knowledge of the writing and publishing businesses is critical to to the first- time author. Highly recommended!
                                 (Susan Taylor Meehan, Ottawa, Ontario)   

Bobbi is the consummate writing professional - informed, hardworking and au courant. When it comes to trends in softare for communicators, her judgements are sound and detailed.
                      (Marjorie Simmins, journalist and author of Coastal Lives: A Memoir)


I’d like to congratulate you on being named a Life Member of OIW. Though I’ve only been a member for a few years I’ve been aware of how much of a contribution you’ve made to OIW and the writing world generally for so many years. Your presentation was the best I’ve attended at OIW since I joined 3 years ago!
                    (Linda O'Neil, Ottawa Independent Writers)


Recently I found the notebook in which I collected the course I took with you. It was so much fun reading our assignments and your responses. You were a fantastic teacher! You taught me to use my imagination and I will always be grateful. Many thanks.        (Marta Felber, Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

             Barbara Graham has been working with me for almost a year.  I chose Barbara because of her expertise. She has taught me many valuable tools and helped me to create my own website  Barbara has worked with me in all aspects of writing, publishing and promoting my books and website.  These tools I continue to use.  Barbara has helped me polish Brian: A New Beginning.  I am working on 1924 Wembley Rodeo.  Barbara has been an invaluable help and resource.  Her knowledge and expertise in all the areas of writing, producing and marketing are tremendous. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants help in any area of their writing.  They couldn't get anyone better to mentor them.
                                                                 (Wanda Thompson, Cardston, Alberta)

YOU make me think and think again- And that's what I needed, working in isolation does have it's down side-I value your input and honest answers.           (Linda Sparks, Aylmer, Quebec)

Your site is so much fun to browse! I sent it to my meow club (about 200 people) and the responses were "great site!" and "good pictures!"  (Linda Miles, The Kitty Cat Research Institute, San Diego, California)

You are such a teacher/mentor/encourager/optimist that it oozes out of you. You see possibility everywhere.
                                        (Elizabeth Atherton-Reid, Edmonton, Alberta)

Negotiating the maze of legalese that comprises the book contract world would have been much more daunting without you!  My partner and I  found your guidance to be prompt and professional.
                               (Elissa Wolfson, award-winning author and editor)

Five Fast Steps To Low Cost Publicity is a concise book which focuses on the essentials you must know to create publicity for your book. The five main steps include Identifying Your Audience, Defining Yourself, Understanding the Media, Being Professional, and Developing Further Initiatives and are all explained in depth in an easy to understand format. This book, together with the related documents listed below, comprise a complete course on how to create publicity for your book.

Bobbi's Book Promotion Workshop Notes are invaluable. Obviously, attending the workshop would have been the ideal way to acquire these lessons but the notes comprise a complete review of everything covered in the workshop and provide a wealth of detailed information on how to promote your books. The folder includes details about book fairs, book promotion web sites, publishing organizations, print resources, special tips, tips about radio and TV, and a long list of invaluable web sites to visit and glean more book promotion information.

The depth and comprehensiveness of this book promotion package makes it worth much more than the price. Plus you will find regular updates on Bobbi’s web site at .

Five Fast Steps to Better Writing is a must read for anyone who wants help to improve their writing skills. The ability to write well is becoming increasingly important. This is especially so in a day and age where the written word is used to convey information via blogs, emails, tweets and e-books. I enjoyed the step by step practical structure of the book. Barbara Florio Graham directs the reader thru the five steps of better writing: prepare, draft, revise, strengthen, polish. The added quotes from the various authors on writing were a real bonus. A copy of this book should be found in every serious writer’s reference library.
                                                                                                       (Bruce C Thompson, Nepean, Ontario)   

Barbara, you have been instrumental in assisting me with my copyright infringement ordeal. Your advice was thorough and wise, concise and practical. A voice of reason during a most emotionally upsetting experience. I could not have done this without your kindness, support, direction and empathy for me as a colleague of freelance journalism. Your generosity of time, insight and advice as to how to proceed proved most successful. I have learned so much about how to professionally handle the issue of copyright infringement from you. I cannot thank you enough! I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others who may have to stand up for their rights as freelance journalists. It is so wonderful to know - as a lone writer - there are other like-minded individuals out there, such as yourself, who have a wealth of experience to draw upon and who willingly assist others to accomplish what is right, in a most ethical and professional manner.  
           With utmost appreciation & respect, 
                                     (Suzanne Keeptwo, Freelance Writer, Editor, Facilitator & Consultant)                   

I found your website through Google searches. I did about 5 hours of research looking at sites and information sources that came up when searching "help with publishing contracts" and terms to that affect. I actually found your site more useful than SFWA, Writers Water Cooler and Writers Market. I then read about your experience and testimonials, and thought you would be a good person to reach out to.  
                                     (Tim Houghton,  New Hope,  Pennsylvania, author of the Seraphina Trilogy)

I recently received a request from my publisher to change a clause in my book contract. I wasn't sure whether the change was reasonable, so I contacted Bobbi as I knew she had a contract review service. In addition to confirming that the request was valid, she offered excellent advice on how to negotiate the change. I was very pleased with her help and am glad to know that I have such a good resource available if I have questions in the future.   (Kim Thornton,  writer, editor, former columnist at  

Your site is awesome.  I'll be visiting it quite frequently because it is a complete education on the business I'm in.   Thank you.  (Louise Goueffic, Lakefield, Ontario)

While I continue to research and write my book, it is a comfort to know that Bobbi Graham is available for professional consultation. She is a fount of publishing knowledge, and she is always at the ready whenever questions arise. As I make my way through this fast-changing and often confusing industry, I am pleased that I have the support and experience of Bobbi Graham on my side.
                                    (Victoria Ridley, author of Turning Keys: The Doors 1965-1971)

 I wish I could bottle Barbara and open her at work each Monday.
Barbara Maria Silbermann, Augsburg, Germany

Thank you so very much for your support, words of wisdom and encouragement. It was your words that gave me strength.  A million thank yous.              Ramona Marek, Vancouver, Washington

Bobbi and I worked together on an anthology, Prose To Go. Bobbi's expertise in the publishing field has been invaluable, as have her skills as an editor and writer. She, I and a third editor are an effective team, due in no small part to Bobbi's sunny disposition and ability to work with others.   (Irene Davis, Toronto)


I hired Bobbi to mentor me as I self-published my second book. Her thorough knowledge of the publishing process gave me far more information than I would have come up with on my own, including some tips for selecting printers that saved me money. I recommend her services to anyone even thinking about publishing a book, whether their first or their tenth.  (Noel McNaughton, Author of A Harley or Your Wife: A Guide for Midlife Men (and the women who love them) And from the Acknowledgements page of the book: Thanks also to Barbara (Bobbi) Graham for her consultation and enthusiastic support in getting this book into print. Her depth of knowledge in all things publishing helped me work my way through the myriad details of getting this book into your hands.

Barbara Florio Graham's Mentoring Program has quickly brought me up to speed in the digital world and allowed me to compete on a level playing field.  Writers can no longer drag their feet when it comes to the demands of the 21st Century.  As a colleague once said, "The future belongs to the quick and nimble."  Barbara is the master of quick and nimble.              Fred Desjardins, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Your mentoring is unique in that you use email as the medium of communication,  and thus there is a full record of what was said on both sides, accessible for review at any time. You have helped me understand what publicity entails and also how to put this knowledge into practice.  Your answers were always complete and clear and enabled me to take the appropriate action to organize a good publicity campaign.
        Thank you again, Iris ten Holder, author and artists, The Media Club of Ottawa

I am very grateful I found you and took your course. It has helped my writing, and your interest and support since then is wonderful for me. I imagine you have people all over the world who appreciate your mentoring. Your optimistic and encouraging attitude is a gift to me and I'm sure has been a gift to scores of other people throughout your life.              (Elizabeth Atherton-Reid,  psychologist and columnist)

I want to especially thank you for the help you gave me 'way back when' my book was still in the dreaming, idling stage. You got me moving in the right direction! Many, many heartfelt thanks.
                                                                                                           (Deborah Carr, author of Sanctuary)

I am so thankful that I took your internet writing class and that I extended our relationship to mentoring.  I can count on you to tell me the truth about my writing, and your suggestions have always helped me to improve my work.  You have been extremely generous with your time, and I look forward to my continued work with you.    (Alice Cunningham, Arkansas)

Working with Bobbi has been a positive learning experience. Being a former educator, I appreciate the importance of criticism so as not to discourage but encourage. I am impressed with Bobbi's skill and value her thoughtful direction.  She validates and motivates. It has been a very worthwhile journey that I would highly recommend to any author. 
                  (Cindy Sakiyama, retired school principal, Thunder Bay, Ontario, author of Mandu)

As usual (and as expected), your advice is maddeningly logical, perceptive and erudite...
Thank you so much for your wise counsel!    (Dennis McCloskey

Barbara Florio Graham's mentoring was crucial to my self-publishing venture. Her breadth of knowledge and comprehensive advice enabled me to avoid mistakes, frustration and wasted time. She answered all my questions, big and small, promptly and helpfully. I found her guidance to be extremely good value for the money. If you're a beginner to self-publishing, you can't afford *not* to have her help!
                          Kathleen Hamilton - http://www.parfumnouveau.com

Bobbi was my mentor last year when I needed to kickstart my writing. Her help was invaluable, and she is a pleasure to deal with. Shortly after we worked together, I got a large writing assignment from an internet publisher.                       Brenda Frohloff , Yuma, Arizona

I feel honored to have known you and had the benefit of your mentoring. You were the first person to turn me on to creative writing. Sterling’s book of sixty stories would probably not have been written without you in my background. The lift-off you gave me began with the very first exercise in Tapping Your Innate Creativity.  The words poured out of my mind faster than I could write. It was so much fun! I couldn't believe what I had discovered. I was a creative writer! It appeared, all because of you.   Marta Felber

I was one of those writers who always though they’d like to write a book.  Bobbi gave me the push I needed to stop fantasizing, spruce up an idea I’d been letting gather dust and start actively trying to get it published.  Just getting it out the door makes me feel like a real writer again!   Megan Venner, Halifax -

A word of thanks for your timely insights, observations, and suggestions for the finishing touches on my book, Empowering College Women, Strategies for Campus relationships. The formatting and cover ideas were right on target. As a new author/publisher, exposure to your objectivity and editing acumen were very important. Your suggestions were to the point, well reasoned and had quite an impact on the final look and feel of the book. Nice work! ...  Your marketing ideas were priceless!  ...  Working with you is an easy, fruitful experience.
         Gratefully, Frederic E. Becker Jr.(Rick) -

There are many people offering mentorships, but few are real mentors. Be cautious of mentorship programs costing thousands of dollars. It proved to be a costly mistake for me. There are no short cuts to learning, but there is real help.  Bobbi took a sincere interest in my project and I benefited from her years of experience in the publishing industry. Thank you Bobbi for getting right to the point and for pointing me in the right direction!         (Paula Terifaj, DVM,

Barbara runs a fine writing workshop that helped me become more creative when I write. Her book, 
"Five Fast Steps to Better Writing" sits close at hand whenever I need a refresher.   
                                                                 (Luigi Benettoncomputer coach and corporate freelancer)

It's a very small world! Two Barbaras called Bobbi, two writers, two teachers, two friends across the border. It is my great pleasure to share those things with someone I admire so much. Every time I get a newsletter or an announcement of some new accomplishment of Barbara Florio Graham's I am thrilled. She is a writers' writer,  which is the highest compliment I can pay her. If you've read her books, heard her speak, or taken one of her classes, you know what I mean.    (Bobbi Linkemer
And Bobbi Linkemer's comment on Linked In:  Barbara Florio Graham (Bobbi) is well known in Canada for writing books and teaching, but she is also quite famous in cat circles. Barbara is an award-winning author and online mentor in a wide variety of areas, including writing, publicity, publishing, copyright, and creativity. Her website, (her cat's real name), contains free information on all of these topics, as well as a special section for cat lovers. She is a seasoned professional who gives her all to every project.

Here I am, almost 50 years beyond my 8th grade English class and I am still learning from you. 
             (John Friedman, CEO of Northern Container, a division of Darco Enterprises, Inc.)

Apart from her enthusiasm, which is infectious, Barbara is knowledgeable, well-organized and perceptive.                 (Dr. Elliott Barker, MD, D.Psych, FRCP, Pres. Can. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)


My creativity came alive during our weeks together. I am so glad that I took your class...I still remember, and profit from, my sessions with you.                             (Marta Felber,

Barbara Florio Graham played a key role in helping me get established an an author ten years and 29 books ago. And she went from being a mentor to a friend a long time ago. 
                                                                                     Ann Douglas, creator, The Mother of All Books series)

Thank you again for a great and extremely informative three weeks. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.                         (Brenda Hubbard,  August,  2005)  

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your posting advice and information on the CWA List for the writers.  I have made a special folder named "Bobbi's Articles" and I save all of them, just in case I may start writing sometime in the future.  Your advice, experience and help is invaluable.    
                                                           (Ginger Buck,  photographer, Victorville, CA -

I selected Barbara Graham to edit and organize my manuscript, and it was one of the best decisions I 
ever made. She provided me with written feedback and suggestions, including advice on how to improve
my visual images by using better or different word selections. She also helped me write a very professional synopsis, pitch, and a treatment along with a  book proposal. It was something I could not have put together without her assistance. Barbara's consulting and writing  expertise and professional feedback has given
me knowledge that will assist me in any future projects. I would encourage anyone who needs literary advice to seek the professional help of Barbara Graham. 
                     ( Bill Webb,  author of Where Cold Winds Blow and Rita & Raymond's Arctic Adventure)

As a direct result of taking the Time Management Course I now use my limited time more effectively in all aspects of my life.       (Hope Spencer, Comox, B.C.)

She is my best idea person. I simply throw her a subject or a problem and then try to jot down as quickly as possible all of the ideas that pour forth. She has never failed to produce. If I had to sum her up in a few words, they would be: talented, clever, dynamic, energetic, and competent.
                               (Lorne A. Bowerman, former President of the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society) 

       As a teacher and seminar leader demonstrates great skill and knowledge; as a public relations specialist she is eminently effective; as a consultant or director she is energetic and enterprising. Her preparation is solid, her supporting materials always relevant. Barbara Florio Graham is dependable, resourceful, capable and talented. Her wide experience, comprehensive background, and vibrant curiosity she uses to advantage when addressing any situation or problem...She is an exceptional individual.
              (Ann Heard, former President, Opal Consultants; former Editor in Chief, What's On in Ottawa)


              infectious enthusiasm   (Canadian Association of University Teachers)


  Everyone found the material stimulating, and your approach to presenting it unique and refreshing.
                       (Dick Dare, Director, Demand Analysis, Bell Canada)  

I'm going to refer back to this again and again, when I'm stuck myself, 
when I'm trying something new, to get me "in the mood".  
                                                                           (Carol Wicks Munroe, Aransas Pass, Texas)
                                  I got many great ideas...obviously just the tip of the iceberg so not enough!
                                                                                                       (James Edwards, St. Lake City, UT)

...a very rewarding and helpful experience.      (Jack Floyd Wells, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

What a great instructor you've been, Bobbi!  In my head it's like the scene in "The Wizard of Oz"
 when everything is suddenly in color...     (Katie Cromer, Texas)


I learned more than I had ever hoped about creativity and how it works in the mind and on the page. 
                   (Debbie Mason, Michigan)



Thank you for being a guest on HOLDER TONIGHT. It was a pleasure to have you on the program to talk about the Cat Writers' Association. It was a most informative segment of the show and I'm sure many of our listeners were not even aware of the fact that such an organization actually exists. 
                       (Peter Anthony Holder, host, HOLDER TONIGHT, CJAD Montreal)


 One of the parents said his daughter couldn't stop talking about how inspirational your talk was. 
                  You certainly had great  impact.  (Juliana Najak, Aga Khan Education Board for Ottawa)


I earned back the $300 I paid Barbara Florio Graham within two months of mentoring with her. 
I now write regularly for two magazines. Barbara told me about someone who teaches speechwriting 
in my area, and I've taken one of his courses. Speechwriting pays extremely well and my future looks bright!
                 (Margaret (Amaryllis) Boyes, freelance journalist and speechwriter)


a wealth of clearly-presented, practical experience and suggestions 
 (Rodney C. Kyle, IP-ADR— Arbitrator, Lawyer, and Trade-mark Agent)

                                                                                "constructive, precise information" (Grace Daniel, Ottawa)

a wonderful teacher, organized and inspiring  (Mel Starkman, Toronto)

                            patient, user-friendly, lots of relevant information  (Sylvia Rickard, Ottawa)

a marvelous writer, so knowledgeable, and so creative.   I also find her sense of humour very refreshing.
                              (Dianne Oost, Ottawa)


Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity is the cats' meow!  I volunteer with a non profit rescue.  
They read this book and now you can find me all over the web, and in several magazines.  
If you're trying to get your name out there, but don't have much money, you need to buy this book.  
I give it 2 paws up.     (Wuffy the Cat-rescuing Dog

                 Barbara helps would-be writers mold their talents and polish their literary skills. 
                               A must for neophytes wanting to break into the business. 
                                                                             Debra J. White, Tempe, AZ, author of Nobody's Pets 


Barbara Florio Graham's Creative Writing Course was so fulfilling, 
releasing creative juices I did not know existed within me. 
As a result  I built a website visited by people around the world (in 24 countries as of last month).
                              Marta Felber,



There's more to earning a living as a writer than producing great stories. 
Freelance writing is also a tough, competitive business. 
Thank you, Bobbi, for steering me through some of the complexities of managing copyright and reprints. 
With the benefit of your experience, I'm a more professional (and prosperous) businessperson. 
You know your stuff!    Susanne Ruder,  member, Professional Writers Association of Canada 


I was fortunate enough to take a short course from Mrs. Graham some years ago. At that time I was a public relations officer for the federal government. I needed to be able to write fast, clear material for ministerial press releases and had no journalistic training. I learned more from Mrs. Graham and her sidekick, Simon Teakettle, in those two days than I had in all my high school English classes. If any of your readers have an opportunity to take a course from Mrs. Graham, I recommend her most highly. She is one of our little-known journalist treasures.    (L.R., Ontario, in a letter to Canadian Writer's Journal)

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