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Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. 
(Faith Baldwin) 

8 week tutorial

online information, tips, forms, resources
 one-on-one assistance

ONGOING: begin when it's convenient for you

Being organized doesn't necessarily mean that you will get more done in a
day; it means that you will get the most important things done in a day."
(Debra Milne, founder of Professional


Week 1:     - a questionnaire to determine your time management needs
                   - general principles of time management, including what doesn't work

Week 2:     - creating a work space that suits you
                   - organizing the space for the kind of work you do
                   - when to move out of your office
                   - keeping kids, pets, other distractions out of your office

                   BONUS:  books and websites you might want to consult

Week 3:     - handling mail, telephone interruptions, and e-mail

                   BONUS:  some quotes about time management

Week 4:     - setting up or reorganizing your filing systems
                   - "hot files" and submission tracking systems
                   - other useful forms to simplify routine tasks

                   BONUS: Forms
                                   Filing tips

Week 5:     - using your computer more effectively
                   - what you shouldn't trust to your computer

                  BONUS: Tips

Week 6:     - setting priorities
                   - planning each day, each week, each month
                   - do you need to speed up or slow down?

                  BONUS: The Four P's of Time Management

Week 7:     - working smarter, not harder
                   - when you need help: who to hire, what to pay

                  BONUS: Hiring Forms

Week 8:     - motivating yourself to get started on a difficult project,
                     to finish on time, to solicit new work or new clients

The course was excellent. Bobbi helped me not only re-examine my space but also re-examine my priorities...At the end of the course you have a reference book -- much easier to refer to than the hastily hand-written notes taken during live seminars.       (Angie Gallop, Toronto)

As a direct result of taking the Time Management Course I now use my limited time more effectively in all aspects of my life.      (Hope Spencer, Comox, B.C.)

CONTACT US  to indicate your interest in this course. You will receive a reply within 72 hours.  When we agree  on a date to begin,  you will be asked to send a check or money order for $175.  (US or Canadian dollars) to the address provided in the e-mail. This course is conducted via straight text e-mail, no attachments and no password to memorize. You will receive as much feedback as you wish.

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