Do you need help with your business?

Barbara Florio Graham has advised us on a number of issues from proposals
to employee problems and client issues.
She is a real "brain," always reliable and an excellent value. 
             (The Versailles Group Ltd., Boston)

Are you creating a new business, perhaps to support your book?

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your diligence.  I love your devotion.  
It feels wonderful under your wing.   (Rosalie Barnhouse, Ottawa, Ontario)

Do you have an existing small business that needs re-branding?

I wish I could bottle Barbara and open her at work each Monday.
(Barbara Maria Silbermann, Augsburg, Germany)

Would you like some help creating a platform
(which publishers want all authors to have?)

Barbara is a genius at publicity. (Ruth Bradley St-Cyr, Ottawa)

As usual (and as expected), your advice is maddeningly logical, perceptive and erudite...
Thank you so much for your wise counsel!    (Dennis McCloskey

Or perhaps you need an expert in creativity
to pump up your ad copy
or help you revise your promotional materials.

I learned more than I had ever hoped about creativity and how it works in the mind and on the page. 
 (Debbie Mason, Michigan)

She is my best idea person. I simply throw her a subject or a problem
and then try to jot down as quickly as possible all of the ideas that pour forth.
She has never failed to produce.
She is talented, clever, dynamic, energetic,  and competent.  
(Lorne A. Bowerman, Canadian Square & Round Dance Society) 

Barbara Florio Graham has the experience and expertise you need.

Apart from her enthusiasm, which is infectious, Barbara is knowledgeable, well-organized and perceptive.    
 (Dr. Elliott Barker, MD, D.Psych, FRCP, Pres. Can. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)


Here I am, 50 years beyond my 8th grade English class, and I am still learning from you. 
             (John Friedman, CEO of Northern Container, a division of Darco Enterprises, Inc.)

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