Peter Bowerman is a realist. Instead of telling writers that they can make a living by writing what they choose - fiction, poetry, memoir, screenplays - he presents a logical option, one that guarantees hourly rates ranging from $50 to more than $125.

This is not "glamorous" or "creative" writing, but the kind of well-crafted copy business and corporate clients need on a continuing basis.

Bowerman draws from his own experience, with clients as diverse as American Express, DuPont, IBM and Holiday Inn, and includes examples from many other writers with similarly impressive client lists.

The first edition of The Well-Fed Writer became a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, was picked up by Quality Paperback Book Club and the Writer's Digest Book Club. In 2004 he released a second edition, subtitled Back for Seconds, and this new edition has been updated to incorporate content from both the previous titles.

Bowerman's advice is a detailed blueprint that takes the writer through every step, including how to market yourself and your writing abilities to a wide variety of potential clients.

Those who still dream of writing the Great Novel can use Bowerman's techniques to develop a commercial freelance career that pays the bills, so they'll still have a bit of time to devote to creative writing.

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