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There are so many myths about self-publishing, and although several good books tell you how to accomplish this, Peter Bowerman adds vital information about how to avoid the pitfalls in The Well-Fed Self-Publisher.

Sub-titled How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living, Bowerman takes the reader step by step through every stage of the publishing process.

Bowerman exposes the problems with Print-on-Demand, including  abominably low sales figures for well-known POD houses, and isn't afraid to name names.

This book contains many valuable resources, lists of terms you need to know if you're going to self-publish, as well as guidance about things like foreign rights.

With a detailed chapter outline and index so you can find what you need quickly, this book weighs in at 294 pages packed with solid information.

Bowerman also sells what he calls “Biz in a Box,” a kit of actual materials so the reader learns not only what to do, but exactly how to do it.

This “box” contains actual documents, such as Ingram Express: Marketing Strategy Questionnaire, Sample email pitches (+ variations), and a Radio interview sample phone script. The 101 pages are packed with specific instructions and samples.

It's like taking a course from a master, with all the course materials ready to print out, for a ridiculously low price. For just $32.90 you receive the e-book along with Biz in a Box. Go to: http://www.wellfedsp.com/

Keep in mind that Bowerman took what he had learned from a 15-year career in sales and marketing to carve out a full-time living as a freelance writer for companies and corporations. His first two books are astounding self-publishing successes, with 53,000 copies in print to date.

It would be silly not to use his formula to find your own path to success.