A Virtual Assistant 
is the Busy Freelancer's Best Friend

When you're overwhelmed with work, 

* are busy working on a project and hate to turn down another one you know 'd really enjoy,
* are burdened by illness or a family crisis,
* need to keep your business going while you're on vacation, renovating, or moving,

a Virtual Assistant can come to your rescue.

VAs have a wide variety of skills, and most charge a reasonable hourly rate. You can handle everything via e-mail, so your VA can be located anywhere.


Serenity Virtual Assistant Services is "Your One Stop Shop" for Search  Engine Friendly, Mobile Responsive Websites and Blogs. Whether you need help with WordPress Website Development, Custom Theme Design, Internet Marketing, Social Networking, Organic SEO, Keyword Targeting or WordPress Maintenance. Since 2005 Serenity Virtual Assistant Service has provided integrated marketing and development solutions for small and micro-businesses. One of Christine Buffaloe's clients is Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound.

Bonnie  Myhrum (www.professionalsecretaryllc.com) offers "Virtual Assistance for Virtually All of Your Tedious Tasks, " including transcription, typesetting, proofreading, 'final-pass' editing, database set-up, etc."

Kimberly J. McCloskey of Partners in Productivity is a professional virtual assistant whose ideal clients are fellow animal lovers. Her motto is “Together We’ll Be Partners in Productivity, Creativity and Personal Growth.” Visit her website at www.va-partner.com to learn more about her and the services she offers.

Wilder Krass serves as a Virtual Publishing Assistant. See what she offers at:

Pandora Ballard is an award-winning writer who offers writing and editing in English and word-processing in English and French, has experience maintaining filing systems and databases, and handling bookkeeping duties. Contact her HERE.

Dwight Williams is a gifted graphic artist who offers portraiture, courtroom art, comic book illustration, storyboarding, and writing for role-playing games. He can create original drawings or complete assignments for other artists with similar styles. He's also a writer, so can handle both the script and the drawings. His website is:

Find out about Virtual Assistants at:  www.ivaa.orgwww.cvac.ca, or www.assistu.com

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