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Author! Author! blog by Sandra Phinney:
           in which Sandra describes Prose to Go as a dynamite book and a delicious read.

A page in the St. Mike's alumni newsletter (from University of Toronto), November, 2011

From a blog by Ceci Flanagan-Snow: November 3, 2011
          Eighteen of those writers, all writing in vastly different genres, and living across Canada, formed a sub-group and this year published a unique book, “Prose to Go – Tales from a Private List”. The book is a compilation of short essays ranging from the wildly humourous to the heart-wrenchingly personal. There is literally a story for each and every one of us in this collection.

From the Western Gazette, London, Ontario, October 27, 2011

From Western University's Alumni Magazine, London, Ontario, Feb. 2012

Stories to read on the go,  by Mark Filipowich
            Even when at its heaviest, all the stories are still identifiable. It’s never hard for a reader to imagine themselves in the writer’s position and acting similarly. The tone is always approachable and the way such brisk stories are told almost in response to one another feels almost like the reader is witness to all the writers sharing stories over drinks. Prose to Go is at its best when it matches this pace, and becomes most difficult to put down.
            It isn’t very deep, but it isn’t heavy-handed either. As the name implies, Prose to Go is perfect for a short train ride or flight. It’s light hearted and it’s enjoyable. It isn’t likely to change anyone’s life but it doesn’t need to. It’s a solid set of good stories to pass the time.

From The Daily Gleaner, New Brunswick: October 22, 2011

When you love to read, but your busy life doesn't allow enough time to do so, there's nothing better than the quick hit of a short story. Prose To Go: Tales from a Private List is the perfect fit for those looking for an eclectic range of first-person stories. ( Lori Gallagher)

From The Rusty Toque, University of Western Ontario: October 4, 2011:

From The Gardian, PEI, and The Buzz, PEI, September, 2011: Click here for SCAN.

Friendships of long years and a common love of writing has resulted in a publishing project which brought together 18 writers from across Canada. Among the group are two PEI authors whose short stories are part of the 34 first-person accounts in Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List...

From The Londoner, London, Ontario, June 8, 2011:

    What started as a group of friends sharing their personal experiences has turned into a book that is part silly, part serious and everything in between.
    One of the writers, Mark Kearney, lives in London. He has three stories included in the book, that detail a road trip through the heartland of the U.S. south, his pie-baking skills and his annoyance with how people pronounce 21st century dates.

From an article in the King’s County Record, March 18, 2011: 

    (Trudy) Kelly Forsythe said the online group that led to the book has been an amazing resource, rich with stories and friendships.
    We live all across Canada and people on the list would write in and there would be a lot of personal stories. And we’ve gone through a lot of personal experiences together. People having babies, people losing loved ones. And there would be some very emotional essays, she said.

Trudy’s Rolling Stone concert experience gets even more coverage in the weekly section  of  the Saint  John Telegraph  on March 25, 2011:

    It was prior to the Rolling Stones coming to Moncton in 2005 and I was in my mid-30s and I realized going to an outdoor concert my concerns had changed, (Trudy) Kelly Forsythe said. I was extremely worried about the bathroom facilities.

Lanny Boutin is profiled in The  Free  Press,  Morinville/9ibbons,  Alberta, May  31,2011

Gibbons  author  Lanny Boutin is  a  contributor  to the  newly released  book  Prose  to Go:  Tales From a Private  List. It's a book of  friends' stories, said  Boutin. Many of us have  been  friends  for 10  or more years,  and  many  of us  have  never met. Her contribution  to  this anthology is Well Seated,  a wonderfully  funny story about  her  three year old son's  encounter  with a toilet  seat.

Boutin  is  a  former Town of  Gibbons councillor. She  has  had articles  in numerous magazines and has written four books.

Irene Davis tells the story of how Prose To Go was born, at Writers' College: 

    The power of the internet! This was a project that could never have existed without it.  Emailed submissions began descending on me from every area of Canada, from the Northwest Territories to Prince Edward Island. We three editors exchanged what seemed like gazillions of emails, as every story was seen, edited and approved by all of us.

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