Foreword to Prose to Go

We range in age over four decades, have degrees in such varied disciplines as engineering, economics and criminology (in addition to English and journalism). We are Christians and Jews, atheists and agnostics. We are single, married with young children, married without any children, divorced, grandparents, and sons and daughters of elderly parents.

We admit to being addicted to writing.

This group was formed in August, 2007, when I created a Private List with two dozen friends I'd gotten to know during 29 years of membership in the Professional Writers' Association of Canada.

Our diversity has turned out to be one of the strengths of the list. Whether one of us describes something annoying or tragic, there is at least one other person who has dealt with the problem and is able to offer practical suggestions, empathy, or comfort.

Professional writers who have written dozens of books and contributed to hundreds of magazines, newspapers and websites, we share news and information about writing.

But we also voice our opinions about things in the news and in our private lives.

Our close friendship has allowed us to take wildly different views on many issues, including ethics and religion, with civility and grace. Our messages reflect our beliefs, but also elation, depression, frustration and grief.

This compilation is just a sampling from this group of 23 talented professionals. The bios at the back of the book acknowledge specific contributors to this volume, but all members of the list appear below.

Barbara (Bobbi) Florio-Graham

Bobbi's Private List

Elle Andra-Warner, Thunder Bay, Ontario:

Lorri Benedik, Montreal, Quebec:

Luigi Benetton, Toronto, Ontario:

Lanny Boutin, Gibbons, Alberta:

Joanne Carnegie, Montreal, Quebec;

Irene Davis, Toronto, Ontario:

Fred Desjardins, Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Barbara Florio-Graham, Gatineau, Quebec:

Trudy Kelly Forsythe, Hampton, New Brunswick:

Debbie Gamble, Alexandra, Prince Edward Island

Gordon Gibb, Peterborough, Ontario:

Kathleen Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec:

Hélèna Katz, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories:

Mark Kearney, London, Ontario:

Dale Kerr, Sutton West, Ontario:

Helen Lammers-Helps, New Dundee, Ontario

Barbara Bunce Desmeules Massobrio, Montreal, Quebec:

Fred McEvoy, Ottawa, Ontario

Lorna Olson, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Steve Pitt, North Bay, Ontario:

Julie Watson, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: