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Members & Fans of the MEWSical Society come from more than 40 countries on six continents: 

Australia, Barbados, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba,
Czech Republic, Egypt, England, France,  Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel,  Japan, Kenya,  Laos, Malaysia, the Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka,  St. Lucia, Sweden,  Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U.S.

Earl Grey Chisholm, at home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he's running for Prime Minister.

In 2013, Earl Grey ran for Premier of Nova Scotia. His late cat brother Tuxedo Stan ran for Mayor of Halifax in 2012.  The Tuxedo Party is named after him.

Earl's platform is to improve animal welfare legislation across the country.

A cat named Limberbutt McCubbins is running for president. A 5-year-old neutered rescue,  he
registered as a Demo-Cat with the slogan: "Together, we cat."

Lucie Lou, the dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky (population 315) is running for President. A border collie who has been Rabbit Hash's chief executive since 2008, Lucie Lou's biggest mayoral accomplishment is raising $8,087 for improvements to the town.

Molly Horne, who lives with one of our
favorite editors, Bill Horne.


Colleen Fiona Shannon Nolan, who is white with grey patches, a lot like Penny. She lives
in Norwalk, Connecticut with Nolan Zobel Nolan, and author Allia Zobel Nolan

Pumpkin Grava, who lives in Chicago.

Smokey Munger, the model for Rags in 
Patricia Fry's books, lives in Ventura, California. 

Beau Buchanan, a Burmese Mountain
puppy who has joined the Buchanan
family in Birmingham, Alabama.

Willow Shaw cuddles with her vast collection
of stuffed animals, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Catlyn Payne, Miami, Florida


Nolan Zobel Nolan as a kitten.

Channing Lagrois, Buckingham, Quebec

Smokey Munger, the model for Rags in Patricia Fry's books, lives in Ventura, California. 


Shakira Singleton's Pedigree goes back five generations. Her full name is Lacocoon Shakira of Jondelcoon. She lives in Ottawa.

Mickey Olson, who joined Sammy Teakettle
in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Lulu Murillo lives in Chelsea, Quebec, with a wonderful family who helped us find Q.T. Penny at the Aylmer SPCA.

Regis and Batman are silky terriers who are featured on cards by award-winning artist, Sandy  Bergstrom Mesmer. Her book, How to Turn Your Dog Into a Show-Off is featured on her website, which also includes tips on dog obedience, a blog, and much more.


Button & Mickey Comini live in Dallas, Texas. Button stars in the latest art history murder mystery, The Munch Murders, by Allesandra Comini.

Maggie Kladnik, Scottish Terrier in
Los Alamos, California

Chloe Luby, who was the longtime companion to Karen and Bob Luby in Wallingford, Conn.

His cousin, Petey, now lives with them. 

Petey Jones, peeking from under the rug.

Ella Canute, above, who was found on the streets of Manila, in the Phillipines, and now lives in Montreal, Quebec. Marion Canute is a journalist and media trainer who moved back to Montreal after traveling extensively in Europe.


Sola Cunningham, holding her ball and giving her paw to Jill in St. Albert, Alberta.


Carson Quesnel, originally rescued from Greece, and now living across the street from us! Carson has his own Facebook page,

Adele Wormald, showing Roc, the new kitten, his place on the carpeted perch in their home in Midlothian, Virginia.

Jelly Bean Kazmarski
lives with a talented artist
in Carnegie, California

Hiro and Kimba Dendler, stars of two books in
the Cats in the Mirror series by Meg Dendler. Vacation Hiro is on our Favorite Cat Books page. They live in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Ginger Reardon, above,
and Luna Reardon, below:

Natasha Lennick, known as Nat the Brat in our MEWSical Society, raiding the fridge in Oshawa, Ontario. She's looking for her favorite treats: black olives, sausage, and margerine.

Miss Noha Hagenguth and her new little sister, Lilly, who live in Cairo, Egypt.


Sunny is a tortoiseshell, while Sylphie is all
black. They both like to lounge on top of the  bookcases. They live with award-winning author and poet Sylvia Adams.

Sunny (left) and Sylphie (above) have joined Tulip Adams in Ottawa. The kittens were part of a litter born in Montreal.

And the cutie at the right is
Ginger Cunningham,
who lives in St. Albert, Alberta.

Caesar Sussmann lives in Montreal with Cleo.     Cleopatra Sussmann, Montreal. 






            Milly McGrath                              Sparky McGrath               Holly McGrath
                                          who live together in Culver City, California 

   Max Grafton, curled in a basket in                Oswald (the Great) Hendley
         Stone Mountain, Georgia                                   Toronto, Ontario



Halo Flanagan-Snow and Triscuit  Flanagan-Snow, Picadilli, New Brunswick

 Farraday Richman,                                                         Kansas City, Missourione of the contributors to the Tonk's Tail blog

Allie Richman, on the stairs

Maxwell Richman








Muffin and Katie Campbell
Beachburg, Ontario


This is Sparkle, gracing us with her best green-eyed stare. She lives in Los Angeles, California, where she presides over a popular website (just like Yours Truly!).






Newman Mueller, above, and Tux, on the right, who help with the blog at: