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more than 250 cats, more than 100 dogs
and more than 115 other species:

alpacas, alligator, armadillo, bear, bees, bighorn sheep, bison,  black-crowned night heron, blue jays, camel, cassowary, chipmunks, cows, coyote, sand crab, burrowing crayfish, crows, deer, dingo, donkey, doves, four  kinds of ducks,  echidna, elephants,  elk, ferret, purple finch, several kinds of fish, flamingos, red fox, three kinds of frogs, gecko, geese, giraffe, goats, goshawk, grackles, grosbeak, groundhog,  three types of hares, hedgehog, hens, horses, hummingbirds, iguana, kangaroos,  koala, kookaburra, lamb, llama, loons, macaques, magpie, monkeys, moose,  muskrat, opossum, osprey, otter, owl, palm warbler, parakeets, parrots, Patagonian mara, peacock, peahens, penguins, pelicans, domestic and wild pigs, pine siskin, porcupine, purple swamp hen, rabbits. raccoon, raccoon dog, white rat, raven, robin, seal, sharks, sheep, skatefish, skunk, snakes, squirrels, starlings, swans, Tasmanian devil, tigers, turkey, turtles, vicuna,  wild boar, wolf, two kinds of woodpeckers, yaks.


Members & Fans of the MEWSical Society come from 40 countries on six continents:  Australia, Barbados, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba,
Czech Republic, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel,  Japan, Kenya,  Laos, Malaysia, the Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka,  St. Lucia, Sweden,  Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, U.S.


Sarmoti Foundation
Photo Ark (Nat'l Geo) 

the Aga Khan Foundation


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Q.T. Penny 
waiting for new fans to arrive

How the Fan Club works:  Any animal can join, by sending a photo in jpeg format with the animal's first and last names and location. We'll add a link to any URL you want to provide as well. In a few cases, we have accepted fan club members without names, but those were photographed in the wild or at zoos by actual people we know. None have been taken from the internet.

Many of the wild animals in the Fan Club were "collected" for us by Steve Pitt, who owns lakefront property in rural Ontario. Steve is an avid photographer, whose photo of a boathouse on his property became the cover of Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List.


Steve Pitt got this chickadee to eat peanuts out of his hand.

One of the many red squirrels on Steve's property.

Sparky Watson lives with Julie and Jack in Charlottetown, PEI.

Cuba has become the 40th country
in the Fan Club!

Lorri Benedik went with her husband and son from Montreal to vacation at Varadero, Cuba, where  she said an entire colony of cats hung around the dining room at every meal.

Here are two near the door. Lorri said the black one reminds her of the cat she had as a child, named Angel.

To the right is a pretty calico watching the diners.


Dave Walker lives with Bob & Frances Walker in Virginia, having moved there from San Diego, where the "Cats' House" with its ramps, tunnels, and other clever design elements attracted much media attention. Bob now offers professional photography in the mid-Atlantic area.  Go to:  bobwalkerphotography.com


Trudy Kelly Forsythe has many deer who camp out in her back yard in New Brunswick. This young one was resting on a snowbank.

Our first skatefish and yet another country, the Maldives, where Colby & Rich Jones were on vacation.  They sent us our first sharks, as well.

Colby & Rich live in Hong Kong,
with their dog, Griffin:

This Common Grackle was photographed in Troy, Vermont, by Bobbi's cousin, Anthony Florio, a wildlife professional, conservationist and Delaware artist. The Woodland Beach Wildlife Area was named in his honor last year.

Tony's son, Roger, sent us this black-capped night heron from Murrells Inlet, So. Carolina

Meanwhile, Steve Pitt captured this shot
of a mob of finches:

Our pal Steve Pitt, went dogsledding near his home in
Rutherglen, Ontario. 

These six huskies seemed very happy, but Steve said sometimes they get annoyed with each other and minor fights break out.

The Fan Club's latest species: our first bighorn sheep, elk and coyote.

All three of these were taken in Montana by Helen Maris Russo.

Here's a close-up of a young bison, looking for food under the snow.

Helen Maris Russo is spending Christmas in Montana, and took these photos at farms near their home in Pray.

Helen apologizes for how blurry this shot is, but she used her phone to capture this coyote chasing the elk.

Helen is reponsible for many of our newest species: bison, elk, coyote, and bighorn sheep.


Don't know if these geese were on the Pierce Family Ranch or the Pino Farm. They seem to be carefully avoided patches of ice or snow!

The very pregnant cow on the right is on the Pino Farm.  The rabbit looks
huddled against the cold.

Back in Panama City, Florida, Helen has sent us photos of the two new kittens they just adopted.

Here are Tigger (the tabby) and 
Boo, solid black with gold eyes.

Barbara Bunce-Demeules, a world traveler, has sent us many Fan Club members from other countries.

Barbara just added our 38th country, by capturing pics of a munching goat along the side of a road, and a curious cat on a sidewalk in
St. Lucia.

Franki Simmons, with some of her toys. She lives with Marjorie and her partner, Don.

MacTavish Cameron, Franki's older housemate.

Frigid water didn't keep this otter from enjoying a swim in  Lake Talon in Rutherglen, Ontario. Captured on film by Steve Pitt.

A Japanese racoon dog, or Tanuki, 
photographed by Alice Beck Kehoe
in Okinawa. 

Alice also sent this cat in the Caturday Cafe in Bangkok,

LuLu Frisch helps Maggie Frisch edit the
Working Writer newsletter in Lake Forest,

Lacey (left) and Susette (above) share
Alice Beck Kehoe's home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ella Canute, Montreal, Quebec

Molly Horne, who lives with one of our favorite editors, Bill Horne.

Colleen Fiona Shannon Nolan, who has been welcomed into the household by  Allia Zobel Nolan. She's white with grey patches, like Penny.

Steve Pitt caught this chipmunk with cheeks full of acorns, being ignored by a strutting bluejay.

Our first bison, photographed in Yellowstone National Park by
Helen Maris Russo.

This goshawk was photographed through the window at Steve Pitt's home in Rutherglen, Ontario.

This Palm Warbler was sitting on
Steve's roof. It adds yet another bird species to the Fan Club.

June Coxon contributed these photos:  a tiny frog from B.C.
and a rabbit from Alberta.

Here's a woodpecker from June's yard in Ottawa, and a groundhog on the lawn at Parliament Hill:

Kermit, our first gecko, from Edmonton.

Hanna the Hedgehog, a pet of the Sallows 
family in Ottawa, Ontario. 


An owl in Scotland, photographed by Juliana Najak.

Hiro and Kimba Dendler, stars of two books in
the Cats in the Mirror series by Meg Dendler.
Vacation Hiro is on our Favorite Cat Books page. They live in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Georgia Cunningham, welcomed into the household by Sola in St. Albert, Alberta.

She's the latest grandcat of Elizabeth Atherton, whose late cat, Willow, was a member of our MEWSical Society.

We added a mother moose and her calves to the Fan Club when we discovered this charming video
taken by Candice Helm on her front lawn in Eagle River, Alaska.

Our latest additions are courtesy of Ottawa author, Neven Humphrey,
whose books can be viewed HERE.

Here is Neven holding Jet, a red fox:

Neven photographed our four newest species when they were visiting the Gloucester Fair from Soper Creek Wildlife Reserve.

Here's Vinnie the porcupine, enjoying some watermelon:

To the left, our first skunk. Her name is 

Reilly, the opossum, being held by a Soper employee.


Steve Pitt surprised this red squirrel taking over a birdhouse to convert it into his new home.
On the right, two ruby-throated hummingbirds. These males show how the throat changes color depending on whether or not they're trying to attract a female.

Sunny is a tortoiseshell, while Sylphie is all
black. They both like to lounge on top of Sylvia's bookcases.

Sunny (left) and Sylphie (above) have joined Tulip Adams in Ottawa. The kittens were part of a litter born in Montreal.

And the cutie at the right is
Ginger Cunningham,
who lives in St. Albert, Alberta.


Barbara Bunce Desmeules, a great traveler, has just sent us our first magpie, from yet another country:
the Czech Republic.

Steve Pitt snapped this female hummingbird
in his sister's garden in Astorville, Ontario. 

Steve Pitt has sent us our first loons for the Fan Club.
Here are the parents with two of their offspring, and to the right is a closer look at mom with one of the babies on her back, on Lake Talon in Rutherglen, Ontario.

Paris Arden, a beautiful chartreux who has replaced the stunning chartreux who was one of the original members of our MEWSical Society.

Paris is a bit younger than Penny, and her full name is Champion Grandbois Lutetia Parisiorum. She completed her championship in just one year, and was ready to retire!

We know she'll be happy in her new home near Boston, Mass.


Buggles, one of the strays fostered by the Acro-Cats, now a member of this wonderful troupe.

Guzo ten Holder, a wild turkey who visits Iris & Wim regularly.

A  lamb near Sallygap in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland.

A hooded crow in Bray, Ireland,
just south of Dublin.

A seal swimming along the beach 
at Bray, Ireland 

We finally added Germany to our list of countries, thanks to Gisela Messier, who sent us this black cat, lounging on the tile in
Butzbach, Germany. 

Another new species! These yaks (who are a species of wild, shaggy-haired oxen) are guarding a flock of sheep in Montana.



Our first chipmunk, on the grass in front of the Spitt home in Rutherglen, Ontario.

Below, Steve captured a variety of 
birds at one of the big feeders.

A pair of grackles, the male on the left, the female on the right.

A rosy-chested grosbeak 
at the feeder.

This charming woodduck couple was spotted by Steve Pitt in Rutherglen,

A female downy woodpecker.

Steve Pitt found these two males, a Pine Siskin and a Purple Finch,  enjoying the suet bag. .

Starlings trying to unhook the whole bag.


Smokey Munger, the model for Rags in Patricia Fry's books, lives in Ventura, California. 

The story about his kitten adventure with a baby bunny is in our Easter post on the blog


A  Mallard duck at Glendalough in 
the Wicklow mountains in Ireland.

Shakira Singleton's Pedigree goes back five generations. Her full name is Lacocoon Shakira of Jondelcoon. She lives in Ottawa.

Button & Mickey Comini live in Dallas, Texas. Button stars in the latest art history murder mystery, The Munch Murders, by
Allesandra Comini

Steve Pitt has added another species to the Fan Club with photos of this brazen raven, stealing string from the trellis at his sister's farm in Astorville, Ontario.


And here is Sad Sally, flying away with the string in her mouth.

When they noticed she had no tail feathers, they thought she might have lost them to a predator, but evidently some ravens don't have tail feathers.

Steve also sent us this photo of a big buck in the woods near his property close to Lake Talon:



Drum & Marlene Hudson left their trombones at home to spend the winter in Australia and New Zealand. They've sent us many news species, including:

this cassowary,  large, flightless bird closely related to the emu, considered very dangerous:

  this echidna is a spiney anteater

              and here's our first dingo

The famous laughing kikaburra, in the  Featherdale Wildlife Park in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia


This kea parrot is endangered, but that shouldn't have allowed her to steal the aerial off Drum & Marlene's car in New Zealand

The Tasmanian Devil certainly looks as nasty as its reputation. Look at those teeth!

A purple swamphen in Queensland: 

     Here are some Australian pelicans:

   A burrowing crayfish carcass

Wild pigs blocking the road on in New Zealand.

Long-necked turtles spotted by the Hudsons on the north island of New Zealand.  And at the Right: a peahen with her chicks.

Cali Mueller, who lives in Spencer,
Massachusetts, with two feline
buddies and two dogs. 

Newman Mueller, above, and Tux, on the right, who help with the blog at: http://www.k2k9.blogspot.ca/


A black swan in Australia.

And, at the right, a blue jay in the snow with other birds at Steve Pitt's feeding station in Rutherglen, Ont.

Floot Wiles, one of a group of cats who live with artist Ian Wiles on the island of Thassos in Greece.

Catlyn Payne, Miami, Florida

Robin Taylor-Davidson
who lives with the author of
To Pluck a Crow: the Hands
Behind Shakespeare's Pen.

Nuna (short for Nunavut) Taylor-Davidson
who lives with Robin in Ottawa, Ontario. 
She helped create the Facebook page for the book.

Chloe Luby, who lives in  Wallingford, Conn, where she's welcomed Petey Jones, right, as a visitor while Petey's humans are in Hong Kong.

Petey, peeking from under the rug.

This monkey in Honduras was a bit too friendly with visitors.

This wild boar is the 60th species in the Fan Club, captured on film by Les Barran in the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka. That also brings the number of countries in the Fan Club to 32! Les and his wife, Mary Ann Simpkins sell their travel articles to North American magazines.

Adele Wormald, showing Roc, the new kitten, his place on the carpeted perch in their home in Midlothian, Virginia.

Blue Sisken is growing quickly, and paying close attention to Betty & Jess.

Silver Blue, a part Russian Blue kitten who lives with Betty & Jesse Sisken in Kentucky.

Milo Russo, who joins the gang
at the new house in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Mr. Tom Russo, who looks a lot like Q.T. Penny which may be why Noel Russo chose him at the animal shelter. He was adopted with Milo, and they join Muffy along with the dogs, Rocky and
Balboa in this busy household.

They came from Bay County Animal Control.


Simon and James Quesnel already have two pets in the Fan Club: their dog, Carson, and rabbit, Bungie. But they photographed lots of animals in the zoo they visited in Barbados. They not only added another country to the Fan Club, but five more species, including the rare Patagonian Mara, who is rarely found outside Argentina. We're showing only the baby parrots and  just one of the snakes.

Patagonian Mara, left, and peacock, above

One of the colorful snakes in the Barbados zoo.

One of several alligators, along with turtles.
And, to the right, one of the peacocks in full display, and far right, some iguanas.

This Pacific treefrog was photographed by Mark Rutherford
in Oregon 

Bees in Edmonton, Alberta,
from an article Elizabeth Atherton
wrote about the beekeeper. 

Baby parrots in Barbados.

Sola Cunningham, holding her
ball and giving her paw to Jill
in St. Albert, Alberta.

Balderdash Cunningham, who keeps Sola in line with a stern look.

Lorna Olson photographed Farmer John in Ireland, posing with his three-generation team of sheep dogs: Max, 8,  his son Pepper,  2, Max's mother June, 18 and "retired" but  teaching Pepper what to do! 

Travel writer Mary Ann Simpkins
riding on an elephant in Laos:

Ducklings at the Eldredge farm in Vernon, NY,
where Deb Eldredge, DVM, has horses, sheep,
donkeys, and prize-winning dogs.


Babe Eldredge, left, prouding wearing her latest
ribbon, and some of the sheep she herds at the
farm in Vernon, New York. And Sugar Eldredge,
our first donkey. 


This Barbary Ape showed off her baby to Steve Pitt when he visited this macaque colony in Gibraltar.


A family of wild parakeets in their nest in Spain, our first Fan Club members from that country.

Steve Pitt captured this shot while on a bus tour
through  Torremolinos. 

Channing Lagrois trying on a hat

Rusty Chonko is a red snapper, our first big
saltwater fish. He joins the other Chonko fans,
as well as their cousins, the Russo dogs and cats.

Bruce Eldredgea white rat, waiting impatiently
in his cage for pizza delivery.

Maharani, one of three cubs born at the
Siroti Foundation where Siegfried & Roy live. 

Hirah, the most fiesty of the cubs.

Liberty, described as the peacemaker.

Klarissa Lebrun 

Konstantin Lebrun 

Carolina Lebrun 

These 7 beauties live
at the Siberian Cat Cafe in Chelsea, Quebec., where visitors can enjoy coffee and the company of these
hypoallergenic cats. 


Deborah Lebrun 

Michael Lebrun and his partner, Natalie,
opened this charming
spot in the spring of
2015, receiving lots
of local publicity.




Dimtri Lebrun

Kristoff Lebrun 

Kalinka Lebrun 

Our first raccoon gathers peanuts from Chris Davis to feed her babies, near Portland, Oregon. 

This is just a few of the huge flock of Canada geese who enjoy the pond and grass in front of the Archives building in Gatineau, Quebec.


Natasha Lennick, known as Nat the Brat in
our MEWSical Society, raiding the fridge in Oshawa, Ontario. She's looking for her favorite treats: black olives, sausage, and margerine.

Jelly Bean Kazmarski
lives with a talented artist
in Carnegie, California

Ginger & Luna Reardon weren't happy that the photo we posted didn't show their pretty faces.
So here they are, in the centre and right panels.


Ginger Reardon, above,
and Luna Reardon, to the right.

Earl Grey Chisholm, at home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he's running for Prime Minister.

In 2013, Earl Grey ran for Premier of Nova Scotia. His late cat brother Tuxedo Stan ran for Mayor of Halifax in 2012.  The Tuxedo Party is named after him.

Earl's platform is to improve animal welfare legislation across the country.

A cat named Limberbutt McCubbins is running for president. A 5-year-old neutered rescue,  he
registered as a Demo-Cat with the slogan: "Together, we cat."

Lucie Lou, the dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky (population 315) is running for President. A border collie who has been Rabbit Hash's chief executive since 2008, Lucie Lou's biggest mayoral accomplishment is raising $8,087 for improvements to the town.

Luna and Ginger Reardon share
the view from the front door of their house in Ottawa, Ontario.

Maggie Desulis, our first gecko, who shares her
New York City home with a woman who works for Barnard College, Bobbi's alma mater.

This is Zach's Dog, sitting on the steps of a museum in Cuba.

You can see the mountains in the background of this shot of Bessie the cow, taken by our favorite  travel blogger in the Pyrenees in France.

Our second turtle is a snapper whom Steve Pitt
calls Betty Crocker, because she's the size of a pie plate. She arrives on his property in Rutherglen every year to lay her eggs. He recognizes her by the dent in her shell.

This flock of flamingos was spotted at a bird sanctuary in the Camargue near Arles in Southern France. They aren't pink because of the lack of shrimp in the area. Photo by
The Traveling Booky.

Our first Fan Club member from Singapore comes from their famous Cat Cafe, thanks to Juliana Najak. The first cat cafe began in Taiwan, to offer a chance for those living in tiny apartments where they couldn't have pets to enjoy the company of cats. Singapore and Japan soon followed, and there are now cat cafes all over the world, where the resident cats are often up for adoption.

We didn't expect to add sand crabs to the Fan Club, but Juliana found this one on the beach on   Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand.

Juliana also snaped this monkey at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia.

Near Chiang Mai, Thailand, this elephant was waiting for a rider.

Note that the link connected to Juliana's name is for the Aga Khan Foundation, which has many projects around the world, including in these southeast Asian countries.

This monkey is our first Fan Club member from Cambodia, in Siem Reap at the Angkor Wat Temples.

An entire family at the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

And a group of surfer dogs on the beach in in Kuta, Bali.


Domino Layni, in the Alymer, Quebec, office at the Connexions Resource Centre.

Limpey Zobel, our first turkey, who hangs around the back yard in Norwalk, Conn.
being watching through the screen by Nolan Nolan.

Lilly Chonko, the newest member of the Russo/Chonko clan of dogs and cats who socialize in Panama City, Florida.

Helen Maris Russo found these two crows eating watermelon hear  Lake Toxaway, NC.
We've named them Tweedledum and Tweedledee.  They're our 40th species!

Minette was spotted by The Traveling Booky
dozing on a net on the beach in Port Vendres,
a small fishing town south of Arles, France.

    Morgan Katz-Couvrette, one of our alpacas from the NorthWest Territories.

Tigger Cheeto Russo is the latest addition to the Russo family in Panama City, Florida.

Speedy Pitt, our first hare, who seems to enjoy playing with Chocka, leading her on a daily chase across the property before disappearing into the bush, leaving Chocka, breathless, on the deck.

Carson Quesnel, originally rescued from Greece, and now living across the street from us! Carson has his own Facebook page,
at http://tinyurl.com/mj6xmlk

Panache Pitt

This stunning American wood duck
is related to the Mandarin duck usually found in Asia. This one of a pair spotted on Talon Lake in front of Steve Pitt's house in Rutherglen, Ontario. Also sighted there were two common Mergansers (top right),
two mourning doves,
right below) and a brash squirrel who keeps raiding Steve's bird feeder. Here is , surveying his territory from a deck chair.  He's named after the Latin name for squirrel:  sciurus.
Scurious Pitt hangs out in Rutherglen, Ontario.

Groucho and Chicko, on Lake Talon

Sad and Sadder, the mourning doves.

Caesar Sussmann lives in Montreal with Cleo.

Cleopatra Sussmann, Montreal. 

Miss Noha Hagenguth and her new little sister, Lilly, who live in Cairo, Egypt.

Beau Buchanan
a Burmese Mountain puppy
who has joined the Buchanan
family in Birmingham, Alabama

Pumpkin Grava, who sent another photo from Chicago, Illinois.


Big Ben Fry, of Astorville, Ontario,
courtesy of our favorite wildlife photographer, author Steve Pitt.


Salem, capturing the attention of Barbara Bunce-Demeules as she toured Jerusalem.

Negev, a camel captured on film by
Barbara Bunce-Demeules
in the desert south of Beer Sheva, Israel.


Little Red, a red wolf roaming the property behind the house in  Astorville, Ontario where Kryki Fry
keeps all local wildlife in check.

Lulu Murillo lives in Chelsea, Quebec, with a wonderful family who helped us find Q.T. Penny at the Aylmer SPCA.

Woody Pitt, yet another Fan Club
member from Rutherglen, Ontario

Mia Fowler, from  Warwickshire, U.K.
and her sibling, Egg, below:

 Eddie Sparks, enjoying the snow in
Aylmer, Quebec.

|Nolan Zobel Nolan, Norwalk, CT

Hairy Harper, Chile
an armadillo Craig McMahon
photographed in Chile, and named after Canada's former Prime Minister

We're excited to announce our first Fan Club members from Chile! That's not only our 23rd country, but finally adds South America, so we now have members from all six continents with permanent human inhabitants.


NASA, our first vicuna,
surveying the scenery in Chile


The McMahon Penguins, Big D (left), The  Dancing Magellanics (above), and The Twins (right).

      Pumpkin Grava, a calico, who lives in Marina Towers in
Chicago, Illinois

DUO (Der Uber Otter) Pitt, the otter that visits the Pitt deck regularly, sunning in the same spot favored by the late Der UberHound (i.e. DUH). Steve Pitt has "adopted" many fans on his property in Rutherglen, Ontario, where he photographed a boathouse on his property for the cover of
Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List.

Cuddles, one of the abandoned cats found in Chelsea, Quebec

Kauro is very playful, and is shown here, twisting her trunk.

Welcome to two orphans from the  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

Kauro is a male elephant, born in January of 2014, and was found in a well where he had fallen.

Kili is a male giraffe, born last August, and found on his own.

You can foster any of the orphans on this preserve for just $50/year.

You'll find a long list of rescued animals on the website, along with photos and notes on their progress.

Chrissy Russell breeds Burmese cats, in Hampshire, U.K., from strays she rescued from Thailand.

Here is Suay, a brown tortie, found last Valentine's day in a temple, being fed by the monks. Suay is Thai for beautiful.  She's also called Valentina.

Nam and Mookie are brother and sister. Nam Dtan means brown sugar in Thai, Mook Dta means pearl eyes. They were rescued from the streets of Bangkok as kittens. Support the Thai rescue at:

Catizen LookSaoHang Thai. Her dad is a US Burmese and her mum is a cat from Thailand. She has delivered  two beautiful Burmese litters from her.

Nam Dtan and his sister, Mookie, to the right.

 Bella, our first bear, from the
Montana Grizzly Encounter, a  rescue and education sanctuary.

Sunny Mao, modeling one of the costumes created by the Suzhou Pet Age company in
Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, China.

Lily Hagenguth, who was rescued from the streets of Cairo, Egypt, to live with Miss Noha (a member of the MEWSical Society) and Lucky, a lucky dog to live with these cats! The latest rescue just adopted at
seven weeks is Nefertiti (right).  The came from the The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends.


Willow Shaw cuddles with her vast collection
of stuffed animals, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Little One Rohde,  Los Angeles, California.

You can see how Little One got her name, as she poses beside the camera.

Max Grafton, curled in a basket in
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Riley Grafton, who adds his observations to John's articles for the Daily Mews

Pepper Grafton, who helps with the
Facebook page.

Socks Miles has joined the MEWSical Society, and also brought three of his pals into the Fan Club.
They all live at The Institute for Kitty Cat Research

Joining the MEWSical Society as a Special Guest Performer is Aragon the Cat, whose impressive resume includes playing Mr. Tubbington in Glee.

Here is Aragon wearing a sporty outfit
for his modeling portfolio.

Willow Hanna, whose blog is at:
Willow lives in Midland, Ontario

Shelby Buffaloe, who helps Virtual Assistant
Christine Buffaloe in San Diego, California.

One of their clients is Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, where Bobbi is a contributor.


Sylvester Buffaloe, 
Shelby's brother.

Minion Buchanan, Scottsdale,
Arizona - our 100th dog!

Our first osprey, being held by 
Helen Russo in Montana.

Nola Martin, the latest addition to the remarkable Circus Cats, who train in Chicago and perform all over North America.  Nola was a rescue kitten who quickly learned the routines.

Trony Solorsano, the first of four cats who have joined us from Uvita, Costa Rica.

Zorro and Norton Holm, who live in Norton,
Vermont, with "Cat" Holm, author of Driving With Cats, which is on our Cat Book Favorites page. These handsome boys are our first fans from Vermont.

Rosie Fry and her baby, Rosette, our first deer fans, enjoying the Fry garden in Astorville, Ontario

        Rosie Nelson, South Dakota

       Channing Lagrois,
        Buckingham, Quebec

                Betty Del Rosario
Cabanatuan City, the Philippines


Farraday Richman,
Kansas City, Missouri

Allie Richman, on the stairs

Maxwell Richman, one of the contributors to the Tonk's Tail blog,
along with Farraday and Allie.

RIGHT:  Steve Pitt has donated a second goat to this village in Kenya, where a family will benefit from both milk and baby goats to sell. This goat is a female, whom they named Terzo.

The first goat Steve gave to this village was named Bobbi and has enabled her young owner to feed his family and go to school.

These orphans live in the Mbooni Region in Kenya, and the organization that supports them is Creation of Hope.

Muffin and Katie Campbell
Beachburg, Ontario


Our fans in Rutherglen, Ontario, continue to add to the Fan Club. Here is Gaucho Hone, a new calf born on the farm next door to Chocka Pitt. Other fans from surrounding farms include next door neighbor Kryki, Toola McCully and Odin II Strang.

Socks Miles and his pal, Zippy, inspecting a new
mouse at the The Institute for Kitty Cat Research.

Molly Davis, in her special cat enclosure,just ourside Portland, Oregon. Molly lives with author Christine Davis, whose books are on several of our book pages, including Cat Book Favorites and Books To Inspire.


Quincunx Flibbertygibbet Nichols whose nickname is Mouse, did well in the first cat show in the U.K. featuring LaPerms.

Quincunx Xenobia Xoom Nichols also appeared in the cat show. Both Mouse and Xena
live with Anthony Nichols, the first person to bring these magnificent cats from Holland and develop the LaPerm breed in the U.K.

Mouse and Xena share cat beds, toys, and other things with Omaste Nichols, who is a member of Terzo's MEWSical Society.

Kitty Russo
Panama City Beach, Florida

Morton, our first turtle, who lives in the Chonko backyard in Panama City, Florida, where he was found by Pearl and Prissy

All the Chonko fans are cousins of MEWSical Society member,
Bailey Russo. 

Zeki Moore is the Pet Safety Cat
who helps teach First Aid to pet owners. Learn more at http://www.petfirstaid4u.com

Zeki lives in Oceanside, California, with Arden Moore, an author, speaker, broadcaster, and Certified animal first aid instructor.

Cluck Norris is a hen who plays tambourine and cymbals and tours with the Acro-Cats. Samantha Martin has trained many chickens in her work with animals. Watch Cluck and the rest of the troupe in the new video on the website.

Cluck joins the rest of the Rock-Cats who perform with the Acro-Cats both in Chicago and on tour. Watch their new video on the website.


Griffin Titcombe, with Dr. Lianna in Manotick, Ontario

Adele Wormald
who lives with Cole and Max in
Midlothian, Virginia

         Cole & Max share a cat tree.
         The Wormald cats tweet at:

The rest of the Moore household:  Cleo, left,
surfing, Murphy, above, relaxing, and Chipper,
at the right, part of the Pet First Aid team.



Mya Smock, Palm Bay, Florida

Skeeter Smock, Palm Bay, Florida

Bernard  McKibben, who used to live in the Smock household, but now lives close by with five canine pals.

Our first fans from Turkey:
Spike Tramantano, above, and his brother, Ace,  below. They live in a rescue sanctuary in Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey.

Harry Viets, a formerly feral beach cat who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with Mystery, a grey Chartreux who joined our Fan Club a while back (look for her below).

Boots Faber
Sacramento, California,
who appears  as Thumper
in Elaine Faber's mystery novel, Black Cat’s Legacy.

Casper James,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Star James
Casper's sister


Garfield Martin, our first groundhog, who is a "helper" for the Acro-Cats

    Andy Martin, our first fan from Nebraska
who helps run Healthy Pet Business from their 
   headquarters in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Henry Freeman is a Rescue Cat, who works with a cat recovery expert in Austin, Texas.
Go to http://LostCatFinder.com
and download the free tip booklet HERE.


Snickerdoodle DeLong

Loki DeLong, one of the gang in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 


Mungus & Tidbit DeLong

Ella Canute, above, who was found on the streets of Manila, in the Phillipines, and now lives in Montreal, Quebec. Marion Canute is a journalist and media trainer who lives in Europe, but who returns to her home in Montreal fequently.

This orange cat was dozing in the flower market in Hong Kong, photographed by Barbara Desmeules from Travelling Booky.com

Here's another cat photographed in Nagasaki, on the island of Kyushu in Japan, by Barbara Desmeules from Travelling Booky.com


Big D DaVinci
Detroit, Michigan

Mookie & Lewis Hannah
Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

Mystery Viets
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

              Benny Cornelius
   San Joses del Cabo, Mexico 

Little Bear Lo, also called L.B., our first fan
from Taiwan. He lives in Taoyuan County, 
Bade City, Taiwan.  Eric, the young man LB lives with, makes exquisite wire art pieces, and send me a lovely pendant as a gift.

Bella and Moose Abdallah, Reno, Nevada

Chaplin Byne, left, and his brother
Jimmy, above. Ottawa, Ontario

        Sparky Watson, a Yorkie/Poodle  mix, our first fan
        from Prince Edward Island


                             Sir Ditymus Boyd and Ludo

Lady Aria Stark, who lives with
Sir Ditymus and Ludo, along with the owners of Compact Music in Ottawa, Ontario

Cailey Northey, Prince George, BC

Cassie Northey,  Prince George, BC

BouBous Gingras,
Gatineau, Quebec


Muffy Russo,
Panama City, Florida

from Indonesia: 

One of the chihuahua models
for MyKnitt in West Java, Indonesia


           Flossie & Freddie Turner, Ottawa, Ontario

Rebecca Miles, relaxing at The Institute for Kitty Cat Reserach in San Diego, California

Velvet Miles, playing with a feather toy.

Zippy Miles, overseeing the research.

At the left: 

Doodle Christmas, who
helps Bobbi Christmas
write her popular
newsletter for writers
and editors.

They live in Woodstock,

Sneakers Kundurazieff, who lives in Houston, Texas, with Elvira, The Opinionated Pussycat.

Tobby Maat, Gatineau, Quebec

Kitters (aka Tank) cuddling with Annie Kerr
two of the clan in Sutton, Ontario


Ozzie and Kitters Kerr, clearly best pals.

Paige Dieterman with her new puppies,
from Kayleighs Border Collies in
Alteveer, in the province of 
Groningen, the Netherlands

Oliver & Stripey DeLouise
Hicksville, New York

Elvira who writes a blog
with her housemate, Nikita,
from Houston, Texas.   

Nikita, Houston blogger.

Jacqueline Singleton
who lived with the author of
The Box in the Closet

Miss Noha Hagenguth, our MEWSical Society
member in Cairo, Egypt, who lives with a feline pal, Sir Kimo, and their canine protector, Lucky.

Sir Kimo after his summer haircut.
At the right, Lucky.

Mozart Russo, relaxing in Spokane, WA.
Raina Russo shown at the right, with
Symphony Russo on the far right.  They're
cousins of MEWSical Society member, Bailey.



Jax, another member of the astounding
Acro-Cats troupe.

Annie, an Acro-Cat in action.

Santino Barone
Louisville, Kentucky 

       Mittens Forsythe
Hampton, New Brunswick

                Sparky Forsythe
       Hampton, New Brunswick

Little Mikey Robinson
Santa Monica, California

Pablo Robinson
Santa Monica, California


Bogart and Bacall Grande
Palm Springs, California

Jimmy Pendgracs
Matlock, Manitoba

Debbie Manero, our first ferret, and the subject of a book about a ferret who is taught by the resident cat how to live with humans. See the book on our Cat Book Favorites page.

Zippy Manero, who shares a Toronto high-rise with Debbie and four cats.

Charlotte Manero

Gabriel Manero

Mickey Manero

Chanel Manero

Talbot Wolverton, Orange Park, FL
who is also featured on the cover of Carrol Wolverton's latest book, Method Weight Management, which is on our Non-Fiction page.




Misu Cowley, Collingwood,  ON

Odin Wilde lives in a busy household which includes our new MEWSical Society members, Domino and Merlin. They oversee the Cat Wisdom blog in Hartsdale, New York.
Odin has only one eye, but that doesn't slow him down. He loves his teddy-bear!

Domino and Merlin Wilde

Gris Gris Wilde

Our first AUSTRALIAN members, from the Bell family in Gold Coast, Queensland: Ruby, the koala, left, miniature poodles Molly and MoJo, right, Mia and Magic, twin Birmans, below left, and the hugging kangaroos, below center. 

Molly and MoJo Bell
Queensland, Australia


Nell Florio, who lives with Bobbi's cousin
Gwen in Missoula, Montana. Gwen's new 
book is on the Fiction page

Alley Martin, the latest addition to the AcroCats troupe in Chicago. Check out all the performing cats and their touring schedule on the Circus Cats website.

Blue Leighton, who was rescued as a kitten in
Kincardine, Ontario, then brought to live in London.

Buggles, another AcroCat

AcroCat Fiji

Asti Martin, another AcroCat



Los Amigos:  Cuchi, Chico and Maya  Marquez-Segreto, Ottawa, Ontario

Mickey Olson, Sammy Teakettle's new pal in Thunder Bay, Ontario

    Pluskat Bulanda, Westminster,  Maryland
    who lives with Life of Riley, a Parson's Russell Terrier, a parakeet named SkyBlue, and a
    miniature parrot, Sweet Pea.

    Here's SkyBlue, our first parakeet:


Riley Bulanda, Westminster,  Maryland

Sweet Pea, our third parrot, a miniature
who can pick up paper clips and put them in a box. 

Velvet Janson
Wichita, Kansas


Velvet hiding behind

Pillow Janson

Penny Janson
Wichita, Kansas

The Rock Cats are a live performing group, part of a larger act based in Chicago. The Acro-Cats have their own Facebook page, and you can also read about them in Petrogyphs, an animal-lovers' resource guide, where Terzo won an Honorable Mention in their You Ought to be in Pictures contest. 

Joining the fan club are Pinky, the lead guitarist, Dakota, the drummer, and Nue, who plays piano and synthesizer. Their leader is Tuna, below, who plays the chimes as well.

Other Rock Cats include Sookie (below). See them all (with their profiles) on the Rock Cats page at: http://www.circuscats.com

Max Marano 
 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Max and Callie are our
first fans from New Mexico!

Callie Marano
 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Anakin, one of the kittens at Animal Antics
in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Sterling Pappert
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Nixie Rainbolt, Lewisville, Texas,
one of the feline inspirations for Dusty Rainbolt's
books, including Death Under the Crescent Moon,
which is on our Favorite Cat Books page.

Regis and Batman
are silky terriers who are
featured on cards by award-winning artist, Sandy  Bergstrom Mesmer. Her book, How to Turn Your Dog Into a Show-Off is featured on her website, which also includes tips on dog obedience, a blog, and much more.

Here are our first fan club members from
Maine. Little Yellow, above, is busy washing,
while Lenny, in the centre, is the newest member of the Bangs household. BJBangs blogs at: www.bjbangs.net.

The oldest of the Bangs kitties is Linus, the handsome Siamese on the right.  They live in Phillips, Maine.

Biscuit Trachtenberg, subject of
 Another Insane Devotion, On the Love of Cats and Persons, by Peter Tractenberg

    Maeve Trachtenberg

       Rhubarb Trachtenberg

The Trachtenberg trio live with author Peter Trachtenberg in
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Roman Grant-Snider
Central West Virginia

   Taffy Grant-Snider
 Central West Virginia



Roo Clark, our first fan from
South Carolina. Named after Winnie the Pooh's kangaroo pal, Roo lives in Chapin, S.C., with
mystery writer Hope Clark.

Charlie Miccio, (aka The Wordy Bird)
our first fan from Delaware, who lives in
Felton, Delaware, with five Tibetan spaniels.
See the "head Tibbie" to the right.

Coco Angel Miccio
head Tibbie
and Official Bed Dog

Bobbi Kamanthe was a gift from our pal, Steve Pitt, who donated the goat to a boy in Kenya as part of a wonderful charity called Creation of Hope.  One of the many orphans in tiny rural community of Kikima, Keli Kamanthe received the goat when he was 11. He's now a teenager, and his goat has been providing milk for his family and baby goats so other families can benefit as well. Keli wants to be a doctor. Support from the Get Your Goat program has allowed him to go to school.


Pepper Biniok, our first fan from
Wisconsin. He lives in  Waukesha, with writer Janice Biniok, who wrote about us in an issue of
Cat Fancy magazine.

Maggie Kladnik,
Scottish Terrier in
Los Alamos, California

The trio, above and below. are Chocka Pitt
(aka Little Brown Dog), playing with his pals,
Toola McCully (black), and one of our new Fan Club members, Odin II Strang.



Kali Holm, featured in Last Wish, the latest 
cat fantasy by Catherine Holm.

Jamie Bluebell, the latest addition
to the Holm gang in Minnesota.

Karma Holm, sitting beside an issue of Catnip, the newsletter from the Tufts vet school

    Keiran Holm, 
    who has wonderful green eyes!

Rama Holm, above, grooming
Chester, shown sitting in front of
him at the left.

          Black Magic Lécuyer
            Ottawa, Ontario 

 Minx Lécuyer, above, and Kato,
 the cats' Akita buddy, right.

These two adorable ragdolls are our 
first fans from North Carolina! 

Mr. Tarheel Tyler  &  Ms. Trinity Paige
are among the ragdolls featured in
Kimberly Maxwell's book,
The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat.

See the book on Terzo's Cat Book Favorites page.



Read about Lucy's book HERE

Lucy Miracle Unruh, 
with Wee Willie Winkle, above,
and Fred and Frisco, right
Reddington Beach, Florida

Milly McGrath,
Culver City, California

Holly McGrath

Sparky McGrath

            Heidi & Theresa Lowd
                 Eugene, Oregon

           Trudy & Quinn Lowd
               Eugene, Oregon


    Lily and Apollo Lammers-Helps
    relaxing in New Dundee, Ontario


Chase Lammers-Helps, ensuring that the dogs don't intrude on her territory

     Emerson Fry, Chocka Pitt's cousin
               Chisolm, Ontario


MacTavish Cameron, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Max Preston, Metchosin, BC

Kyara Seguin, Gatineau, Quebec
who is Nala`s little sister, below: hiding in a bag


Fiona Daffron, our first fan from Idaho (above)

Max's brother, Marley Preston, Metchosin, BC

Soda Stephanson, Orleans, Ontario,
a cousin of MEWSical Society
member (Emeritus) Shooter Stephanson.

    Fiona Hardie, aka Ms Beast,
    Reno, Nevada

This is Sparkle, gracing us with her best green-eyed stare. She lives in Los Angeles, California, where she presides over a popular website (just like Yours Truly!).


Bungie Quesnel, Gatineau, Quebec

    Buddha (Boo) Halperin
    Santa Monica, California

Babe Eldredge, Vernon, New York
Watch her discovering a mirror HERE.


Salen Halperin, Hollywood, Calif.
     sorting out Christmas lights

The Halperin hens: Ethel, Lucy, Laverne and Shirley:


Henry Safer, St. John's, Newfoundland



Huxley Halperin, Santa Monica, Calif.
          who tolerates the cats, 
          but loves the hens! 

Lucy and Ethel Halperin, admiring
each other:

Oakley Jablway
Yorkville, Illinois


Seren Shojai,
Sherman, Texas

        Sophie Ross
                   Dundas, Ontario

    Oswald (the Great) Hendley

    Toronto, Ontario

 Triscuit  Flanagan-Snow
      Picadilli, New Brunswick




Pumpkin Katz-Couvrette, the llama who keeps the alpacas in line, here with Hudson
in the yard on their farm in the Northwest Territories. 


       Sadie Katz Couvrette with
    Pumpkin in their barn


Harvey Wallbanger Mannion, Ottawa
          with his older brothers
Frank (front) and You You (rear)

Bootsie Vandervoort
White Rock, B.C.


Laser Kucik
 Birmingham, Alabama
a pet therapist who was named 2006
 Cat of the Year by the ASPCA

Bungie Quesnel
Gatineau, Quebec

Duncan Lester, Kanata, Ontario

Ch. Glenfraser's Gallica Rose  (Kenzie) 
the #8 Scottie in Canada in 2008
who lives with Gunther Krueger in Vancouver 

Musetta Simon, New York City

the inspiration for Clea Simon's
cat stories, The Theda Krakow Series
and The Dulcie Schwartz series


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