The Ultimate Italian Trivia Book

reviewed by Barbara Florio Graham

                 The Ultimate Italian Trivia Book, by Scott Paul Frush, assembles more than 1600 trivia questions in 14 chapters from Astronomy to World Rankings. Interpersed are lists, such as the most Italians by country (the U.S. is number two, closely followed by Brazil) and 20 Italian winners of the Nobel Prize. This compact 252-page square paperback with laminated covers has the answers in the back as well as an index, Italian resources, the Italian national anthem, and regional profiles with tiny maps of Italy showing each  region's location.

                 This book is ideal for someone to browse alone, or as a game between two or more friends at a restaurant or other spot where a board game isn't convenient. Order it from Amazon, from, or by mail from the publisher, Marshall Rand, P.O. Box 1849, Royal Oak, MI 48068-1849. It costs just $14.95, plus $1. postage.