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Chocolatour: A Quest for the World's Best Chocolate, is the first in a series of books designed to take readers inside the world of artisanal chocolate around the world. In this first volume of Chocolatour, author Doreen Pendgracs profiles chocolatiers and chocolate makers from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland, and the UK, as well as taking you to cocoa growing regions in Peru, Ecuador, and St. Lucia. She also gives insight into chocolate festivals, events, and attractions around the world and lists chocolate companies around the world in her A-Z Guide for Chocolate Lovers in the back of the book.

Chocolatour also includes a detailed chapter on the health benefits of chocolate, has a chapter on chocolate pairings with various libations, and includes a few favourite chocolate recipes. Pendgracs doesn't stop there. She hands out awards to noteworthy chocolate around the world, and helps chocolate lovers cut to the chase by pointing them in the direction of chocolate makers that best suit the flavour palate they're most likely to enjoy. Volume II of Chocolatour will be released in 2015 and will feature profiles of chocolatiers and chocolate makers from throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Chocolatour can be ordered in print and e-book format via http://chocolatour.net.