MORE PHOTOS of MEWSical Society Members

Bailey & Cuddles Russo dressing up in an attempt to sneak into the Kitten Chorus



Lily keeping her nose warm with her enormous tail.


Terzo ignoring the castenets which have suddenly jumped on top of his tambourines. 

Lily trying to figure out how to get her treat jar open. She knows it contains her favorite dehydrated chicken treats and she is sure that if she keeps working at it, she'll get the lid off.


A poem for Nibs (Niblet, part of the Foss Trio):

    The Poltergeist, by Gill Foss

    I think I have a cat, you see
         I’m sure he’s there
              but where is he?

    He drinks his water
         eats his food
              he’s far too timid
                   for his own good

    I think he’s shy
          because he’s new
               so hunt for him -
                    just catch a “mew”.

    The other day
         I heard a bump
              in the kitchen
                    he had jumped

        from windowsill
             into the sink
                  but all I saw -
                       quick as a wink
        was fleeting puss
             a flash of fur
                  and off he dashed
                       without a purr.

    Now I await 

      that special day
                  when he will know
                        he’s here to stay
      and come for strokes
           and tummy rubs 
      then I won’t feel 
           I’m being snubbed.                                                         


Tippy Foss, happy to see Niblet finally lounging
on the living room carpet.


Gill's new book of poetry, Windows in Time,
is available from her at:


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