Short-term Mentoring

HELP with branding and building your platform, including review of your ad copy and/or promotional materials, and marketing strategies 

HELP with writing projects, including writing/revising your book proposal 

HELP with marketing advice, finding legitimate publishers, self-publishing 

Contact Bobbi (BFG @ to discuss 

FEE begins at $35/hour,  I charge $35/hour for that instead of the longer commitment for which I charge $75/hour.

I can't deal with a book that is outside of my range of knowledge, so if your book is heavy on sports, or war, or horror, or sci-fi, I wouldn't be able to help you. So before you commit, do tell me a bit about your book, and let me know if it's a memoir, novel, or what genre you feel describes it best.

What I need to see is the first chapter, although you can give me an idea of the rest of the book so I can get an idea of where it's going. If you have an outline, even a brief and crude one, that would be helpful.

The first chapter is crucial, as it not only grabs the reader but is what sells your book to a publisher. If the first reader at the publishing house isn't hooked by the first chapter, they often don't bother to read anything else.

If you want to proceed, email me and I'll send you my mailing address. You can then send the first chapter as soon as you put the cheque in the mail.



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