PEEK into the private lives

of 18 professional writers from the NWT to PEI.


Tales from a Private List

DRIVE through the Northwest Territories with Helena Katz as she brings a herd of alpacas to their new home in her back yard.

JOIN Trudy Kelly Forsythe at the Rolling Stones' Big Bang Tour, and Barbara Florio Graham in her encounter with actor Peter Falk (aka Columbo).

WATCH award-winning humorist Steve Pitt deal with cherry-stealing kids, and award-winning cookbook author Julie Watson wrestle with a lobster on TV.

CLIMB inside a Santa suit with broadcaster/humorist Gordon Gibb, and see a Christmas tree from Helen Lammers-Helps' vantage point.

EXPERIENCE birth from an infant's point of view,  in a mesmerizing piece by Elle Andra-Warner.

SHARE household hilarity with Lanny Boutin and Joanne Carnegie, while Debbie Gamble deals with body issues and Lorri Benedik with unwanted compliments.

CRY with Barbara Bunce Desmeules Massobrio as she describes My Life Now, and with  Hilda Young as she comes to terms with her son's suicide.

DISCOVER Canadian trivia book author Mark Kearney's secret to winning prizes at fall fairs, while Irene Davis deals with a vanished voice  and Fred Desjardins with growing older.

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