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Bobbi Florio Graham

Meet our newest OIW Life Member, Bobbi Florio Graham. The others are Barb Collishaw, one of the OIW founding members, and the Executive Secretary when OIW was the only writing game in town with over 300 members, and George Laidlaw, recent President for many years and inspiration for the Book Fairs, Ottawa Gems and Jewels and other OIW publications.

Bobbi joined OIW in the first year of its almost 30 year life, and was a presenter at the first conference, held at Carleton University. She presented at most of the subsequent conferences, and also at many meetings. Several Saturday workshops for OIW were very well-attended. "Promoting Your Book or Your Business," featuring collaboration with Randy Ray, was a sell-out in 2008. Bobbi presented the first part of the program, and then Randy discussed how to reach local media. Participants received a copy of Bobbi's book, Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity, and Randy's current media list.

Over the years, Bobbi presented programs on preparing for presentations and interviews, on  recycling previously-published work, on various kinds of anthologies, on self-publishing, and most recently, Creating a Platform: Establishing a Brand for You and Your Book. Her talk, "Help, I'm Going to be on TV," has been requested by many other organizations. Although Bobbi most often presented to OIW, she also was on the program for events held by countless writing related organizations of national and international stature. Bobbi contributed to the OIW newsletter in its early days, then to Capital Letter, and to Ottawa GEMS and JEWELS. She served many times as a Parliamentarian for OIW AGMs.

While never actually serving on the OIW Board, Bobbi has been and continues to be the epitome of involvement in OIW and related organizations, and is truly an inspirational role model for the rest of us.You can congratulate Bobbi at this address: BFG@SimonTeakettle.com

December 2014

Written by Bill Horne and Randy Ray. 

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