Carrol Wolverton is the author of several novels and self-help books.

Retired from several careers,  including ten years as a single parent counselor in Georgia and Florida, this is the follow up book to Method Weight Management, which details the personal method she developed that led to permanent weight control.

She is also the author of Living Cheap and Loving It.

Carrol's novel for young adults, based on the stories she heard as a counselor, is on our Young Adults page. Look for Raylaina, at

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Maybe you have reached some or all of your goals, 
and instead of feeling great, you feel empty. Maybe you don’t know what your life is about any more.

Time seems to be going faster and all of a sudden you get your first glimpse of the end, and you haven’t done what you came to do, whatever THAT was.

Your job is not so fulfilling any more, and you don’t know what WOULD fire your passion.

It is as though life has turned kind of grey, and the juice is gone.

Maybe you have had a financial setback, lost a job, or your marriage is ending. Maybe you are ending it, because you still love your wife, but you are not
in love with her any more, and you don’t know what else to do.

You are in a midlife transition. You are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. It is, however, a tricky time and it is easy to make mistakes that you will regret later.

This book will guide you on your midlife journey. 



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Darryl is also involved in RESTCo, an energy collaborative.

The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy
by Darryl McMahon

NEWS:  The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy won second place in the non-fiction category in the 2011 Green Book Festival.

      Cheap and abundant energy is the lifeblood of modern industrialized society.  However, the era of cheap oil and natural gas is drawing to a close, increasing the costs (higher prices) and risks (e.g., BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe) associated with our dependence on petroleum products.  Increased costs and risks associated with pollution and climate change resulting from our profligate use of fossil fuels are also becoming increasingly evident.  As a result, we are looking for silver bullet solutions to this array of issues, including the “hydrogen economy”.
      This book unmasks the fairy tale underlying the so-called hydrogen economy and other pretenders to the throne of cheap, sustainable, environmentally benign and portable energy sources.
      However, the author does not see doom and gloom ahead.  Instead, based on his research and first-hand experience, Darryl McMahon provides a surprisingly readable guide for the consumer as to how they can utilize efficiency, conservation, solar energy, biofuels and a mix of creativity and ingenuity to prepare themselves for increasingly expensive conventional energy (gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating oil, electricity) that are coming soon, while maintaining or improving their quality of life.


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            The Responsible Business offers a new and strategic approach to doing business that holistically integrates responsibility into all aspects of an organization allowing for returns at every level, business and social. This book goes beyond the often well intentioned but limited attempts at sustainability. It presents a framework that allows organizations to bring Responsibility into everything they do and pushes to re-imagine success. From innovation, product development and production processes to business management, strategic planning and shareholder development, this book shows how being a Responsible Business is a practical skill that can be applied day-to-day at every level of the business.
            As Carol Sanford and the business leaders featured in this groundbreaking book so clearly show, successful responsibility and business efforts start at the business level and are then taken to the corporate level, being applied throughout the organization. No longer just the role of a department, an additional duty of a larger one or the job of CSR professionals, The Responsible Business outlines a framework for building a responsibility and consciousness infrastructure that applies a living systems view to the business and inspires all of its stakeholders including shareholders.
           Carol Sanford is the CEO of InterOctave, Inc, a global business resource to Fortune 500 and new economy businesses large and small, for over 30 years. In addition, Carol guest lectures at Universities including MIT, University of Washington  and University of Michigan.

            NLP is a powerful personal change/communication model, based on solid theoretical footings - psychology, physiology, systems theory and communication. Six typical NLP processes are described that anyone - managers, parents, coaches, etc. - can use to help themselves or others to be more resourceful, be more aware of their actions on others or to undertake interesting and challenging opportunities.

Live Your Dreams

            How many of us live our lives according to other's expectations or needs? How many of us wander through life with little passion for living or purpose? This book helps you to discover who you are, what really motivates you and provides you with the knowledge and tools for you to choose what you want in life.
            Far too many of us dream our dreams, yet for one reason or another fail to take concerted effort to bring them to life. This book is for those who are looking for more in life. It provides clear instructions for eliciting and formulating your desired outcomes, together with a proven process to attain them. Coaches will find this book provides a practical outline for a series of coaching sessions.
            See Roger's website for his other books, including The Parents' Handbook: NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being  and NLP Techniques Anyone Can Use.

Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC

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Vancouver artist, Sandra Yuen Mackay, has struggled with the symptoms of schizophrenia and with the effects of the medications that she needs to keep the symptoms under control from the age of 15 .

Now in her 40's, Sandra is married, a successful artist, writer and an advocate for improving the knowledge about this disease.

Library Journal calls this book "compelling."

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Recommended by World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders,
Schizophrenia: Medicine's Mystery - Society's Shame,
is the 11th book by Marvin Ross, who has written definitive books about other health topics, such as opthamology and Alzheimer's. 

Schizophrenia Digest Magazine calls this book a powerful resource for anyone looking for answers and insight into the world of mental illness.

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Susan Inman's memoir describes her family's nine year journey to help her younger daughter recover from a catastrophic schizoaffective disorder.

One reviewer said: of the best accounts I have read of serious mental illness as told by a mother.

Highly recommended:  E. Fuller Torrey, MD, author of Surviving Schizophrenia

Winner of the Helene Kenigsberg Award for Excellence by the PKD Foundation of Canada.

My Favorite American, an inspiring biography by Dennis McCloskey is the dramatic story of a young woman who cheated death many times only to emerge as a ray of light to everyone she meets.

Valen Elizabeth Cover survived Polycystic Kidney Disease, had a successful kidney transplant in 2002, and has worked to create awareness of this disease while holding down a full time job.

McCloskey, who developed a  telephone and online friendship before finally meeting Cover, says, "Once or twice in a lifetime you might meet a person with such an indomitable spirit, supreme strength, and unimaginable courage that you wonder how you got so lucky as to cross paths with her." 

Bobbi's blurb for the back of the book reads: This compelling story of remarkable courage is told with tenderness and candor in an engaging style that draws the reader into the circle that envelops both the author and his subject. 

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Method Weight Management
       Carrol Wolverton subtitled her book, “A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss,” and that's what sets this book apart from unrealistic programs requiring drastic changes in diet, exercise, special foods or supplements. The opening anecdote will resonate with every woman who has cut the labels out of her plus-size clothes, and by page 8, Wolverton has set the tone: “change and substitute one item at a time. It's that simple.”
       She goes on to point out how important stress and lack of sleep have on our eating habits, and mentions how many of our holidays are sugar-based. Just think of the emphasis society puts on candy at Hallowe'en, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter.
      Wolverton emphasizes that one shouldn't eliminate any foods, but rather substitute a healthier version. She suggests we start with the two of three worst offenders, and employ strategies such as saving half of particular favorites for later, or postponing dessert.
      This slim book includes suggestions on stress management provided by registered nutritionist Rosalie Moscoe, who has also offered some easy substitutions for high-calorie or high-fat foods.
      There are more than two dozen recipes at the end of the book, to help jump-start the program. These are indexed so you can find the one you want quickly, and all include ordinary ingredients available everywhere.
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A Memoir of Creativity chronicles the life of a Manhattan art critic and former writer for TIME, as she derives a theory of art, based on her varied personal and professional experiences, locating this theory within a broader social context. Author Piri Halasz, a graduate of Barnard (and a classmate of Bobbi's), with a PhD in Art History from Columbia, writes the popular webzine, (An Appropriate Distance) From the Mayor's Doorstep, and is a frequent speaker at meetings and conferences. 

    The Worrywart's 
      Prayer Book 

contains 40 mediations and prayers, but with the light touch Allia Zobel Nolan is famous for (see her humor books on the HUMOR page).

This little book contains a lovely mix of advice and emotional support with a touch of humor, from a Christian perspective. 

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The Older Cat:
Recognizing Decline and Extending Life
by Dan Poynter.
144 pages, $14.95. 

Everyone who shares a household with cats needs this book. Often we don't recognize a cat is declining because the years pass so quickly. Unlike humans, there are often no visible signs of aging, and behavioral changes can be subtle. Dan Poynter offers sound advice and valuable information which is useful even if your cat is still in his or her prime. The serious stuff is interspersed with gentle humor, quotations, lists and links. I particularly like Dan's list of what you get for the money you spend on your cat. It includes “naming rights” and “endless wonder over strings, bugs and running water.”  Buy this book before you need it. And if you know anyone with a “senior” cat (12 and over), make sure you give them a copy.