This is Terzo's pen pal, Mrs. Doyle. She's an African grey parrot, the most intelligent bird species in the world. She was hatched on July 18, 2006, very close to Terzo's birthdate, and she and Terzo both arrived in their new homes the same week in October.  She adopted her married name immediately, for reasons that will be clear to fans of British television.

The family Mrs. Doyle lives with (in Vancouver, B.C.) include Steve Pridgeon, a medical writer and technical wizard. A recent exchange between the pen pals included Terzo telling Mrs. Doyle about one of his new toys, a fuzzy ball with feathers attached. He described how he picked up the ball and began to lick the feathers, whereupon Mrs. Doyle replied that, in her opinion, he might just be washing his food before eating it!

Despite the insults flying back and forth, it looks as if they're going to become friends.