The Thrifty Author’s Guide to Launching Your Book Without Losing Your Mind (Comfort Publishing) is the first in a series by author and international speaker Gail Martin. She explains everything a new author needs to know about marketing, and provides a helpful checklist beginning with six months before launch and carrying on to six months afterwards, when most authors don't realize they still have work to do if the book is going to succeed. She includes budgeting, charts, and tips from other published authors at the end of each of the 20 chapters. Other books in this series will cover social media, blogging, book tours, and other promotional efforts. Check out Gail's home study course, The Solopreneur Survival Guide, and her e-books, 154 Power-Packed PR and Marketing Tips, and Passion, Profit and Partnership: Entrepreneur Success Strategies. The owner of Dreamspinner Communications, Gail offers a free newsletter and podcasts of phone interviews with successful authors and entrepreneurs.