September 23, 2006

Legal Department
Thomson Learning
High Holborn House
50/51 Bedford Row
London WC1R 4LR

Dear Sirs:

You are advertising an article for sale on your website that was taken from Public Relations Quarterly. I wrote this article, which is an excerpt from my 1987 book, Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity, and own the copyright to this material.

Your posting violates my copyright, which is a felony carrying significant monetary penalties under both U.S. and Canadian laws.

I reside in Canada, where all three of my books were produced. Your offer to sell a portion of one of my books constitutes a criminal violation for which the Canadian Copyright Act provides statutory damages of up to $20,000.

Any income you have earned from the sale of this article belongs to me.

You cannot claim ignorance of Canadian copyright law. 

Thomson Gale is a division of the Thomson organization which owned one of Canada's largest and most prestigious newspapers, The Globe & Mail.

In addition, you cannot claim you did not know that this was copyrighted material. If you had Googled my name, you would have seen my website, where my books are offered for sale. The article you are advertising is listed in the Table of Contents for Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity.

Please remove this article, immediately, from all websites where it is being advertised for sale. These include (but are not limited to): www.my.armoury.com www.BusyBookstore.com and others. 

I am enclosing an invoice for $500. CAD, which I feel is just compensation for this infringement. If this invoice is not paid within 30 days, the amount will rise, and if I do not hear from you within 60 days, I will have to consider legal action.


Barbara Florio Graham

enc: invoice

cc:  www.BusyBookstore.com 
1818-C HWY 17 N Ste 235
Surfside Beach, SC  29575

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