There are many delightful humor books on the Cat Resources page. But from time to time, we'll feature a book or two on this page as well.

Award-winning humorist Arthur Black interviewed Simon Teakettle on his former CBC radio program, which Terzo describes on his blog

These are just three of Black's recent best-sellers, available from
Harbour Publishing.

Steve Pitt's new book, My Life and Other Lies: Tales from the writer's list  is guaranteed to spill your coffee. You were warned! For nearly a decade Steve Pitt has been amusing his fellow writers with his off-beat postings. With subjects ranging from his experiences as a  soldier in the militia, movie extra, armored truck guard, apprentice chef and resort cook, as well as a stay-home dad, Steve makes true stories come to life. His readers react with guffaws and spit-takes (which we've renamed SPitt-takes), comparing him to Bob Newhart, David Sedaris and Stephen Leacock. Many of these yarns have been published in Canadian Living, Chatelaine, Toronto Life, Stitches, Canadian Health and the Globe and Mail.  164 pages, $17.95. Published by BRIDGEROSS Communications, available at Amazon (US & Canada) and Chapters/Indigo.


Allia Zobel Nolan and contributors from the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop whoop it up with reveries of life in the past lane, the days when some women teased their hair until it gave up, and dated guys who wore more jewelry than a starlet on Oscar night.

Published in association with the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, the book also documents what it is like to go from mood rings to menopause—including stories of an ex-husband’s cremation ceremony, surviving a millennium office, and more.

“It lives up to its title.” —Ilene (“Gingy”) Beckerman, author of five bestsellers, including Love, Loss and What I Wore

“These stories will not only entertain, but also remind us that life is too short not to laugh!” —Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella, New York Times bestselling authors of I See Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses.



Purr More, Hiss Less, Heavenly Lessons
I Learned from my Cat
               Finally, a book for all cats to share with their humans! Every cat knows that there would be no problems in the world if humans acted more like cats. Certainly there would be no wars if world leaders remembered that Fighting takes away from the time you could be chasing butterflies, and there were be fewer small conflicts if everyone agreed that If you must walk all over people, do it quickly. Imagine a world where the business mantra was Resist the urge to claw your way to the top, or if youngsters followed Do not worship idols. Big purrs to Allia Zobel Nolan for these wise words, and to Erika Oller, whose precious cats come in all sizes and colors.

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Widely known for her paintings of Parliament Hill, Shirley Van Dusen's work is represented in private collections around the world.

She has also shared her unique view of life through her writing and has been published by the Poetry Institute of Canada and recognized by the Ottawa branch of the Canadian Authors Association with an award for her short story Mary John and Weirdo.

The mother of seven (several of whom are familiar to Ottawa TV audiences from their media appearances), Shirley describes the vast and varied menagerie that has also shared her home, beginning with the monkey that arrived as a Mother's Day gift.

With charming illustrations by the author. 

Published by General Store Publishing House.


Terzo knows when other cats are telling the truth! 

That's why he recommends Cat Confessions if you really want to know what your feline friends are thinking.

For example,  on page 44, Willy, from Richmond, Virginia, explains, I only chewed through those wires so Mom would spend less time at the computer and more time petting me.

What a purrfectly logical explanation! 

by Allia Zobel Nolan, with photos of feline contributors


by Allia Zobel, 
with illustrations by Nicole Hollander

Andrews McMeel Publishing

Terzo is impressed with this little book of helpful advice for humans who work in offices. Some of its wise sayings include:

It's impolite to lick a co-worker's face in the elevator.

         Don't sit on the water cooler.

Don't get caught playing with your mouse when the computers are down.

    The receptionist needs to know if you're on another floor siting in a bag.




The two lawyers who wrote this book are savvy enough not to to reveal their names. X and Y have reason to worry. Their book pulls no punches. The anonymous Seattle dads - both Harvard Law School grads -  aimed their self-help guide at men who do not watch Oprah or Dr. Phil and who know little (and care even less) about the inner workings of the female anatomy or psyche.

The authors tell fathers how to cope with fertility clinics and vasectomies, how to avoid such horrible tasks as sex during pregnancy, changing poopy diapers, getting up at night and why you should never agree to holding a birthday party for one year olds.

A great gift for expectant fathers, new fathers, old fathers, any male contemplating becoming a father and their wives and girlfriends, if only to confirm just how inept their male partners are.                 Order from

Also from Bridgeross:

  The Original Reigning Cats and Dogs

      a light-hearted look at pets and their owners
            by Marvin Ross and David Shaw

   Published by BRIDGEROSS Communications