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Celebrities who Live with Cats

CLICK HERE for an article from BuzzFeed about cat-loving authors, past and present
Among the famous cat-loving authors in this article and cited elsewhere are:
 Mark Twain, Jorge Luis Borges, Samuel Johnson, Patricia Highsmith, Philip K. Dick, Doris Lessing, 
W.H. Auden, Sylvia Plath, Peter Matthiessen, Hermann Hesse, George Plimpton, Truman Capote,
 William Carlos Williams, Raymond Chandler, Colette, Edgar Allan Poe, William Burroughs, Edward Gorey, 
Abraham Lincoln, Jack Kerouac, Picasso, Jean Paul Sartre, Neil Gaiman, Jean Cocteau, Raymond Chandler, Montaigne, Ernest Hemingway

Ann-Margret (and husband Roger Smith): 4 cats, favorite, Harley, travels with them

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner:  ginger cat

Mark Abley: cat

Scott Adams (Dilbert creator):  cat Sarah

Samuel Alito (Supreme Court)

Alex Aliume (an artist who combines black light, fluorescence, and 3D inside his  Neon Visionary Art Temple):  cat  

Simon Amstell (British comedian)

Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull): cat (Rupi)

Christina Applegate: cat

Jacinda Arden (Prime Minister of New Zealand): ginger and white polydactyl, Paddles

Jann Arden:  3 cats (Schroedy, Sweetpea, Maybe Baby)

Julian Assange: Embassy cat (aka WikiKitty)

Peter Atencio (director): Patrick, a gray tabby

Kate Atkinson (British author): cat

John Baird: cat Thatcher

Colleen Ballinger:  cats

Janette Barber (Rosie O'Donnell writer/producer): cat Beastly

Drew Barrymore: Fern, Lucky, Peach

Jay Baruchel

the Barbi twins

Bob Barker: cat Dulce

Candice Batista (TV personality): cat

Isabel Bayrakdarian (soprano):  Nikkita (tuxedo)

Kate Beckingsale: male cat (grey with long hair)

Samantha Bee:  office sat (orange tabby)

Zazie Beetz:  cat Cocoa

Joy Behar

Jeanne Beker: cat Shreddie

Kristen Bell:  cats

Halle Berry:  cat

Haley Bennett:  Darlington Abigail

Valerie Bertinelli: cat Dexter + 3 kittens from group she fostered in the summer of 2013

Pierre Berton: had many cats

Mayim Bialik: Addie, Frances, Nermal and Shadow. 

Mike Birbiglia:  cat Ivan 

Joe Biden: cat (rescued)

Justin Bieber: cat: Tux

Paul Blackthorne: cat

Nina Blackwood: cat

Richard Blanco (Obama inaugural poet): Bengal cat

Christie Blatchford: cat

Chuck Blazer: cats

Patricia Boal: cat

George Booth (New Yorker cartoonist): black cat

Wes Borland (Limp Biscuit) & Carre Callaway: rescue cats

Liona Boyd:  white longhair, Muffin

Russell Brand:  Morrissey 

Abigail Breslin: Gizmo

Mark Breslin

Alison Brie:  brown tabby

Mika Brzezinski:  cat 

Matthew Broderick (and Sarah Jessica Parker): cat

Rita Mae Brown: Sneaky Pie

Russell Brand

Sam Brownback

Measha Brueggergosman: cats Moses and Tovah

Pat Buchanan: Gipper (14-yr. old brown cat)

Sandra Buckler (former Harper Communications Director): cat - Sophie

Karin Bruillard (Washington Post): cat Enzo

Carol Burnett:  Bengalese - Mabel (after her grandmother)

Kelly Burning (TMZ)

Danny Burstein: grey Persian, black and white cat

Billy Bush (Access Hollywood): 2 cats (Morty + ?)

George W. & Lauar Bush: Bernadette (cat formerly owned by their daughter, Jenna)

Susan Boyle: Pebbles

Arlene Bynon: black cat 

Nicholas Cage: Maine Coon, Merlin, and Tigra, a Toyger

Carre Callaway: rescue cats

Sadie Calvano:  cat

Stevie Cameron:  tortoise-shell cat

Kim Campbell:  Thyme (Siamese)

Lizzy Caplan:  grey tabby named Colbert, after Stephen Colbert

Fran Capo (comedian) 

Mariah Carey: Willie (orange)

Pat Carney: grey cat

Brent Carver: black long-haired cat - Licorice

James Carvill and Mary Matalan: 12 cats

Kim Cattrall: cat

Claudia Cautillo (CTV News): cats

Brooke Burke Charvet: two cats

Artem Chigvintsev (prof on Dancing with the Stars): 2 cats

Charlie Circus (Gollum in The Hobbit): cats, including Diz, who inspired the Gollum voice

John Cleese: cats

Glenn Close: 3 Abyssian cats

Eric Coates (Exec. Dir. of Great Canadian Theatre Company): Mr. Carl Perkins, tuxedo

Leonard Cohen: feeds stray cats from his home in Greece

Stephen Colbert: cat Charlie

Chris Colfer: cats Brian (grey tabby & white), Violet

Jennifer Connelly:  cat

Harry Connick, Jr.: cat

Jeremy Corbyn (British Labour leader): cat El Gato

Billy Corgan (singer with Smashing Pumpkins): 2 black cats

Russell Crowe

Linda Cullen & Bob Robertson

Miley Cyrus: Shanti (white angora)

Mary Dawson (interior design, CityLine): calico cat - Fiddy

Stockwell Day

Bruce Deachman: cat Lizzie Borden

Paula Deen 

Ellen Degeneres:  3 cats (Charlie, the Chairman, George)

Lea DeLaria: cat

Lana Del Rey: cat

Judi Dench: four cats

Kat Denning: Millie, a small part Maine Coon

Robert DeNiro: cats

Bruce Dern:  cats

DeadMouse (Joel Zimmerman): tuxedo cat Mr. Meowington

Taye Diggs:  two cats

Dino Dilio: cat

Suzanne Dimma: cats

Janet Dirks (CTV News): cat

Lou Dobbs:  cat

Nina Dobrev: cats Jama-Lynx and Moke

Robert Downey Jr.: cats

Kevin Drum, political blogger for Mother Jones:  tuxedo Hilbert, plus other cats

Hilary Duff: cat

Kirsten Dunst: orange tabby rescue named Tito, plus two other cats

Donna Edwards, Congresswoman from Maryland: cat

Perrie Edwards: Prada

Jennifer Egan (Pulitzer Prize novelist): cats

Larry Ellison (Oracle): cats

Tina Engler, bestselling author: cat Henry

Senator Joyce Fairburn:  two cats

Dakota Fanning:  Cleopatre (white)

Michael Feinstein: cat

Nathan Fillion: cat

Jenna Fischer (The Office): b&w cat, Andy

Bobby Flay: Maine Coons: Taco, Nacho

Jodie Foster: cat

Dave Franco:  two large tabbies: Harry, Arturo

James Franco:  cat Sammy

Lois Frankel (Democrat from Florida): cat

Kevin Fraser: cats 

Steve Fuller, winter keeper at Yellowstone: two cats

John Fulton: musician and host of Must Love Cats on Animal Planet:  grey tabbies: Betty & Billie; b&w Gusto

Jim Gaffigan:  ginger tabby

Neil Gaiman (author): cats

Jennifer Garner:  L'il Cat

Ana Gaysteyer: cat

Bill Geist (CBS): 2 cats: Randy, Scooter, Peaches

Ricky Gervais: Siamese cat Ollie

William Gibson:  Biggles

Paul Godfrey: cat

Whoopi Goldberg:  Oliver Hoyt Goldberg: Russian Blue, plus second cat

Ellie Goulding: Bengals: Wallace and Lennon

Ginnifer Goodwin : cats

Shep Gordon (talent agent): cat

Barbara Goudy: cat, Marnie

Luba Goy: cats

John Gray: Claude (Main Coon) 

Linda Gray: cat GooGoo

Cee Lo Green: PURRfect (white Persian)    

Brian Greene (PBS science): cat

Graham Greene:  cat George Wilson

Sara Gruen: 5 cats

Gigi Hadid: Cleo

Tiffany Haddish (actress): tabby Catatonic 

Jenna Bush Hager: tortie Bernadette (now living with her parents)

Julia Hammond, DVM: 3 cats

Stephen Harper: Gypsy and Stanley

Woody Harrelson: two cats

Dan Harris (ABC News): cats Steve, Gus, Whoopi

Anne Hathaway:  cats

Selma Hayek: cats

"Hitman" Hart:  cat Smokey

Terry Hatcher: cats

Justin Hawkins: Bengal: Cully

Mark Hebscher (CHCH TV): cat(s)

Katherine Heigl: cats  (She's the spokesperson for Cat's Pride)

Tricia Helfer (Can.actress – Battlestar Gallactica) – many rescue cats

Hugh Hefner: establishing Florida PlayCat Mansion 

Emily Henderson  (HGTV):  cats

Jennifer Love Hewitt: cat “Earl Grey in L.A.

Erica Hill (CBS news): cat

Nicky Hilton: cats

Arica Himmel:  cat

Kit Hoover (Access Hollywood), including new kitten, Prince Harry

Sunny Hostin (The View):  Luna (long-haired Siamese)

Jennifer Hudson:  Grizabella, Macavity

Helen Hunt: black cat

Jeff Hutcheson (Canada AM): three cats

Michael Ignatieff: 2 Burmese cats

Carrie Ann Inaba: Mimi (black), Reb and Sophie

Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent): cat, Gayle, a companion to his dog, Oprah

Randy Jackson: cats

Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall): cat

Norman Jewison: cat(s)

Lynn Johnston (cartoonist): cat Maggie

Wayne Johnston (author): cat

Ashley Judd: Agnes & Amelia

Karen Kain & Ross Petty: cats Grace & Eddie

Kim Kardashian:  cat Murphy 

Kourtney Kardashin: Bengel - Charli

Jonathan Kay (former Prime Minister of New Zealand): cat Moonbeam

Kesha (Kesha Rose Sebert): Siamese cat

David E. Kelly & Michelle Pfeiffer: farm with cats 

Carole King: cat

Stephen King: cat

Ken Kostik (“What’s for Dinner”): cats

Chad Kroeger (Nickleback): black cat

Diane Kruger: b&w cat Hobbs

Paul Krugman (NewYorker): cats Doris Lessing and Einstein

Karl Lagerfeld: white cat - Choupette

Miranda Lambert:  cat

Diane Lane:  cat

Charles Latibeaudiere (Exec. Producer at TMZ): cat

Jennifer Lawrence: tortoiseshell Cleo (aka Chaz Bono)

Marjorie LeBreton: cats

Sook-Yin Lee (Much Music): cat Oscar (black)

Ursula Le Guin: Pard, a tuxedo cat who occasionally blogs on her site

Leona Lewis: cats in U.K. animal sanctuary on her property

Stacy London:  cat

Jay Leno: black and white cat - Bedalius

Andrew Leslie (Can. Member of Parliament): 3 cat, including Mouser, a grey & white longhair

John Lewis (U.S. congressman):  2 cats

Light (Valerie Anne Poxleitner): long-haired black cat

Rich Little: Sonny Bono and T-Bo

Eva Longoria: cats

Demi Lovato: Hairyette (hairless)

Cynthia Loyst (CTV's The Social): AllieHotdog (male cat)

Jane Lynch: cat Oscar

Norm Macdonald: cat

Seth MacFarlane: cat

Macnamara,  twin sisters Louise and Ellie (The Heathers music duo): cat

Ashley Madekwe: cat

Sally Mann (photographer): cat

Camryn Manheim: cat, Steve (NYC loft)

Joe Mantegna

Marc Maron (comedian): cat

Rob Marciano (CBS weather): cat Lulu

Marc Maron:  two cats

Boney Maroney (British politician): cat 

Rocky Marval (figure skater, m. to Isabelle Brasseur): cat

Virginia Masden: cat 

Davina McCall:  Boo and Sully 

Sean McCann (Great Big Sea): grey tabby, Ashes

Doris McCarthy (artist): 3 cats

Melissa McCarthy: grew up on a farm with dozens of cats

Wendi McClendon-Covey:  3 cats

Dan McCoy, writer for The Daily Show: cat

John McCain: cats

Bob McDonald (CBC): cat

Jake McDorman: b&w cat

Kelsey McEwen (CTV's Your Morning):  cat Thunder

Dr. Phil McGraw: cats

Jay McGraw: cat

Kate McKinnon:  b&w rescue Nino Positino

Kate McKinnon (SNL): cats

Deirdre McMurdy: cats

Traci Melchor (CTV's The Social): cats

Lea Michele: tortie Sheila

Thomas Middleditch: cats

Tom Middleston: cats

Hasan Minaj: cat

Joni Mitchell:  Nietzsche (Abyssian/Ocicat mix) 

Mandy Moore (Adams): b&w cat, Fig (short for Figaro)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: cats on his farm in Vermont

Tracey Morgan: loves cats (although not sure if he has one right now)

Jan Morris: Abyssinian cats

Elizabeth Moss: Lucy & Ethel, both gingers

Jason Mraz:  grey Persian 

Sean Murray:  calico Abby

Dr. Fraser Mustard:  2 cats

Bylve "Fenriz" Nagell (DarkThrones): tortoishell cat

Aaron Neville: cat

Nunes-Atkinson, C.J. (the German short-haired pointer who won 2016 Best in Show) - cat Tootsie

Joyce Carol Oates: cat

Jerry O'Connell & Rebecca Romijn:  2 cats

Penny Oleksiak, Olympic gold medalist:  black cat, Rio 

Rita Ora: Bruno

Ozzie & Sharon Osborne: Bengal cat Tiger Lily

Katlyn Osmond (Can. figure skater): cat

Dr. Oz:  five cats

Palmerston the handsome tuxedo Foreign Office cat at Downing Street in London has surpassed fellow Downing Street cat, Larry, by catching at least 27 mice since he arrived last year.

Jessica Pare: cat

Sarah Jessica Parker (and Matthew Broderick):  cat

Jane Pauley & Garry Trudeau: cat

Theresa Pavlinek (The Jane Show): cat

Jordan Peele (Key & Peele): cats

Mike and Karen Pence:  2 cats: Pickle and Hazel 

Rosie Perez:  rescue grey & white tabby - One-Eyed Jack

Jack Perkins 

Katy Perry:  KatyPurry and Krusty

Bernadette Peters: cat Murphy

Dini Petty:  Bandit, Ernie 

Regis Philbin: former white cat (Ashley)    

Andrew Pike:  Canadian home designer – Siamese

Alison Pill

Pope Benedict XVI

Nicole"Snooki" Polizzi: cat

David Pogue:  marmalade cat

Valerie Anne Poxleitner (singer Light): long-haired black cat

Emily Proctor: cat (Kevin)

Jenni Pulos (rapper): cat, Mellie

Alicia Quarles: Boss

Tegan and Sara Quin:  cats

Zachary Quinto (Chuck, Star Trek): black cat (Harold)

Lisa Ray

Caroline Rea: several cats

Robert Redford

Norman Reedus (actor): black cat: Eye in the Dark

Alyssa Reid (singer): cats

Ruth Rendell: cat (Archie)

Lee-Ann Rimes

Chita Rivera

Tamara Robbins (Cityline)

Bob Robertson & Linda Cullen

Spider Robinson

Seth Rollins (WWE):  tortie: Darrell 

Rebecca Romijn (& Jerry O'Connell): two cats

Isabella Rossellini: two cats

Emily Rossum: cat Fiona

Pete Rouse: Maine Coon(s)

John Ruttle (CTV)

Kay Ryan (U.S. Poet Laureate): black cat

Stefan St. Laurent (Canadian video artist) - Persians Dief & Baker

Antonio Sabato

Michael Sarrazin: cat Ruby

Yamaneika Saunders:  cats

Joe Scarborough: grey and white cat - The Colonel

Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld: two cats, a silver tabby and a "spotted" cat, perhaps a Bengal mix?

Amanda Seyfried and husband Thomas Sadoski own both cats and dogs, but also serve as foster parents for the Los Angeles branch of the Best Friends Animal Society.

Chloe Sevigny

Sandra Shamus:  two cats 

Ed Sheeran:  Dorito, Calippo

Carly Simon: tabby cat

Amrita Singh (Living in Ottawa): cat Shugg

Amy Smart: two cats

Mike Smith (Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys)

Patti Smith (singer)

George Smitherman, Ontario Cabinet Minister: two cats

Ian Somerhalder: cats Moke & Sohalia

Suzanne Somers & Alan Hamel: cats Betty & Gloria

Sissy Spacek: black cat 

Jade Sta. Maria (Manilan actress): ginger cat: Courage

Christopher Steele (former U.K. special agent): cats

Gloria Steinam

Howard Stern (and wife Beth): five cats, including Bella

Jon Stewart:  used to have a cat named Stanley; no pet cats now on farm in New Jersey

Kristen Stewart:  cat, Max

Mark Steyn: black cat - Marvin

Sting: Carbonel, black cat

Ian Somerhalder: cat Moke

Sting:  cats (including a tuxedo) at his villa in Florence, Italy

Joss Stone: cat(s)

Sharon Stone: cat

Barbra Streisand: Hallowe'en (tabby calico)

Sully Sullenberger (Miracle on the Hudson): female cat (& dogs)

Shivonne Sullivan (TMZ)

Hilary Swank

Matthew Sweet (singer/songwriter): 4 Bengals

Taylor Swift: cats named after TV characters: Meredith (Scottish Fold) from "Grey's Anatomy"
                       Olivia Benson (from "Law and Order") 

JoAnna Garcia Swisher: tuxedo cat

Rudy Tanzi (Harvard Med. School)

James Taylor:  cats

Dita von Teese: Devon Rex - Aleister

Charlize Theron 

Whitney Way Thore: cat

Bella Thorne: 19 cats, most descended from her first cat,  Lola, whom she didn't want to be spayed because she thought it was barbaric. So now there are four generations of cats in her household.

Allison Toman (actress, Fargo): b&w cat

Lily Tomlin:  cat Murphy

Peter Tonyi (CBC radio):  cat Iggy

Meghan Trainor:  cats

Ryan Trecartin (video artist who has shown at the Venice Biennale): black and white "tuxedo" cat

Garry Trudeau & Jane Pauley: cat

Justin Trudeau & Sophie Gregoire: cat - Bengal

Margaret Trudeau: cat, Aurora, as well as a black cat she shares with her daughter

Steve Tyler (and many other rockers)

Shania Twain:  Skipper (tabby)

Nils Usakovs, mayor of Latvia’s capital of Riga: three cats who live in City Hall: Dumka, Kuzju and Muri

Misty Upham: cat

Lisa Van Dusen:  cat Sam

Meredith Vieira: cats - Felipe, Sweet Pea, Noir

Robyn Waffle (Can. designer): Scumpy 

Alex Wagner, CBS: ginger cat

Ken Wahl  (actor): Precious

Nichole Wallace: cat

Pam Wallin:  Kitty (choc. point Siamese)

Jeannette Walls (author): cat

Christopher Walkin:  cats

Kate Walsh: two tabbies: Pablo and Billy

Erica Wark:  cat

Diane Warren:  Cornish rex - Mouse

Emily Watson: cats Bubbles and Domino

Andrew Lloyd Webber:  four Turkish vans

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin:  ginger cat

Maureen Welch: two cats (Max and ?)

Paul Wesley (actor): grey and white cat

Roz Weston:  grey Persian - Fig

Bradley Whitford:  white cat - Yasha

Kristen Wiig:  cat

Robin Williams: cat

Teddy Wilson (actor): cat

Steven Yeun: cats

Nora Young (CBC radio: Spark):  cat - Lola

Steve Zahn: cat

Joel Zimmerman (DeadMouse):  tuxedo cat Mr. Meowington

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