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January 25, 2020:

The Chinese year 4717 begins today, marking the first day of the New Year on the Chinese calendar.  The Lunar New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice, usually between January 21 and February 20 on the Gregorian calendar. Lunar New Year festivities begin on the first day of the first lunar month on the Chinese calendar and continue until the 15th of the lunar month, when the moon is full.

Chinese legend holds that Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on New Year's Day and named a year after each of the twelve animals that came.
The animals in the Chinese calendar are the dog, pig/boar, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, and rooster. Also, according to legend, people born in each animal's year have some of that animal's personality traits.

2020 is the Year of the Rat. I am Wood Horse, which pairs well with a Wood Dog, which is Bobbi's sign. The Wood Horse is full of imagination, looks at everything froma unique perspective and always want to express her ideas. We are also emotionally sensitive. Horses are usually popular, mentally alert, good workers, straight forward and honest. They seek the challenge and strive for success. They do not tire easily. That explains why my favorite toys are balls, springs, straws, and mice (not real ones!)

As those of you who read this blog faithfully know, I am a Blue Smoke Tuxedo. I have green eyes (Bobbi does, too).

My birthday this year comes just a week after the start of the Lunar New Year, and falls within the 15 day period of celebrations. So stay tuned for photos!

January 18, 2020:

A.A. Milne said, Some people talk to animals. Not many listen, though.  That's the problem. Indeed! So it's appropriate to mention that January 22ns is Answer your Cat's Question Day.

My  current question is about a mysterious item that arrived in a box from Amazon this week. Bobbi won't let me inspect it, and given that my birthday is coming, I suspect it's my present. Of course I'll post a few photos and tell you all about it in two weeks. I turn six on Feb. 3, which also marks the fifth anniversary of when Bobbi found me at the no-kill animal shelter in Aylmer, Quebec.

We awoke to a fairly heavy blanket of snow, with more on the way. I watched the squirrels in the back yard, who seem to have brought pine cones from the front to wherever they stash them for the winter. And I looked for fresh tracks from the snowshoe hares we think live under our front porch, as that's where the tracks seem to begin and end.

They feed on buds, twigs, bark, and evergreens. We also have lots of food for birds in our yard, with berries on the burning bushes in the front and on the types of ivy that produce berries. We also keep the bird feeder outside our office window filled.

January 11, 2020:

January is Walk Your Pet Month. Huh? Whoever came up with that idea didn't live in the northern U.S. or Canada! We haven't had much snow yet this winter, but we expecting freezing rain overnight, and a nasty few days when being outside is going to be difficult for humans and animals. Glad I can stay indoors and use a litterbox when necessary!

As you can see, I often curl up in my favorite "fur" bed with my hamster. He's a "love child" that I often move around the house when I'm anxious or bored. Bobbi often finds Hammy in the hall in the morning, although she had put him to bed in the living room the previous evening.

Sometimes I sleep on the couch with Princess, who was here when I arrived, the only grey cat among all the black stuffed cats in the living room.

The last picture is a bit embarrassing. Bobbi caught me in a huge yawn as Hammy and I settled down on the couch.



January 4, 2020:

We always start the new year with a new blog, adding the last few posts from the end of December to the bottom. As we begin a new decade, it might be a good idea to mention how this blog began. It was Terzo's idea, and he began the blog in 2006, continuing until his untimely death.

I then took over, but accepted the responsibility to adhere to Simon Teakettle Ink standards. That means we promote responsible cat ownership, recommend Bobbi's article on training, and provide free information and links to anyone who cares for or about cats.

We maintain the Fan Club, which currently has photos of more than 180 species from 57 countries,  all taken by real people that we know, not lifted from internet sites. This is our way to  promote the preservation of endangered species as well as working animals and pets who offer love and comfort to the public.

Do check out the links, including the one to Cat Facts. We also maintain many other pages of fascinating facts about history, inventions, culture, and even food. Start at the main Facts page and click on links from there.

As I write this, it's snowing, and as soon as I turn this over to Bobbi to do whatever she does to put it on the web (I'm not tech-savvy!), I'll go back to my nap. After all, this blog is called "Between Naps."

December 28, 2019:

This is our last post for this year, and for the decade! I've only been doing this for almost five years, but Terzo started this blog in 2006.  It's been lots of fun to add new members to the Fan Club, pose for photos, and add lots of facts to our ever-expanding Facts pages. Just added new items to the Culture, Music, and general Facts pages this week.

Here are a few photos from Christmas, along with one of a deer snitching peanuts out of the chickadee feeder on Steve Pitt's property.

December 21, 2019:

Bobbi and I are eager to see the CATS movie. We love the T.S. Eliot poems (which Bobbi often reads aloud to me), and Bobbi saw the show on stage in New York, London, and Toronto.

We just heard that Jennifer Hudson, star of the new movie, named her two cats Grizabella and Macavity. You can see a very long list of cats belonging to celebrities on this website. See the link in the block just to the right, above the book logo and copyright statement.

I've been taking my afternoon nap in the living room, to keep an eye on my Christmas stocking.  Bobbi has some of the special birthday cards she's been receiving on the piano, and a few gifts under the coffee table for her to open on her birthday (Monday, Dec. 23) and Christmas Day.

December 13, 2019:

It's Friday the 13th again. the last of four this year. But, as I've mentioned before, although our logo is a black cat (the first and second Simon Teakettles), we aren't superstitious. In fact, we think that black cats bring good luck.

It's time to share Simon Teakettle's version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, which appears in Mewsings/Musings. The poem was read by Arthur Black on his popular CBC radio show, Basic Black, and inspired one of his neighbors to create a fabulous needlepoint wall hanging. Here are the list of things in the poem, along with a photo of the wall hanging.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
by Simon Teakettle

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
          A chipmunk in a low tree.

          Two catnip mice
          Three fat frogs,
          Four balls of string,
          Five warm beds,
          Six snowflakes falling,
          Seven fishes swimming,
          Eight faucets leaking,
          Nine creamers dripping,
          Ten dishes brimming,
          Eleven leaves a-crunching,
         Twelve laps a-awaiting,