is one of many outstanding shelters who works tirelessly to care for abandoned pets.

They sell MEWSINGS/MUSINGS to raise funds, so if you live anywhere in the Maryland/West Virginia/D.C. area, you might want to stop in to pick up a book or two (or to drop off a donation!).

The operate from a donated office next door to their vet clinic, and the vet has made Wednesdays Alley Cat Rescue day. No appointments, just emergencies and ACR's work.  He does 8 to 10 spays and neuters once a week, and treat cats on other days.

ACR boards 30 to 40 cats at the vet's, and places 4 to 5 cats every week through Petsmart. There are plans to start a  low-cost or free clinic because so many local residents don't spay or neuter.

ACR also has a Trap/Neuter/Release program for people who care for feral cats. They either lend out traps or do the trapping, and ACR pays for everything. Those who want to help can usually only afford a $20 donation.

At times, ACR also "pulls" cats from local shelters when they're overwhelmed, and take cats from West Virginia when possible, as W. Virginia has only "dog pounds" and no cat shelters.

If you want to donate, send a check to ACR, c/o Louise Holton, 3702 Webster Street, Brentwood MD 20722. And tell her Simon Teakettle sent you!