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Intsikelelo is a nonprofit registered in South Carolina, the home base of Nicholas Grava, who founded this mission dedicated to improve the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa. They develop and support community-driven initiatives such as children's homes, after-school programs, and community centres.

Nick and his brother, Chris, are Bobbi's grand-nephews, and the story of how this came about is on their website, where you can also donate to this worthy cause.

      Over 80% of people plan to write a book and more than six million of them have already written a manuscript. Admittedly there are dozens of companies who will take your money and publish your book. How do you get a book publisher to pay you for your book?
       Terry Whalin says editors and publishers don't read manuscripts. They read proposals. In BOOK PROPOSALS THAT SELL, 21 SECRETS TO SPEED YOUR SUCCESS, you learn the inside scoop to achieve your dreams.
       The author of more than 60 books from traditional publishers, a former literary agent and still working as an acquisitions editor, Whalin has a unique perspective on the publishing world.
       Use this link to order the updated ebook directly from Terry:

SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter absorbs quickly and forms very hard strong clumps, is virtually dust free, lightweight, and fragrance free. This product is designed to trap the odor causing components of the urine in the clumps and then begin dewatering that clump to minimize the biodegradation (bacterial growth) that causes odors. Made 100% from grasses  with no added chemicals or fragrances, SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter will biodegrade after disposal.

Available in the U.S. and Canada now. Check your local vendor.                Visit the Pioneer website.


Denny Hatch is  the most respected authority on direct mail in the U.S.  Who's Mailing What is the world's largest archive of winning direct mail, with over 250,000 actual pieces. From these, Denny has drawn those he considers to be the top sellers, and turned those into The Secrets of Emotional, Hot-Button Copywriting: How to Employ the 7 Key copy Drivers that Make People Act. A respected  columnist for Target Marketing and editor of the e-newsletter, Business Common Sense, published by the Target Marketing Group, Denny has produced other books which I describe on the Non-Fiction book page. These include Write Everything Right, and Career-Changing TakeAways.

The Savvy Book Marketer, Dana Lynn Smith, offers guidebooks and courses for authors and independent publishers. Check the URLs below for her guides, which are available in  PDF format:
How to Get Your Book Reviewed - $17 
How to Sell More Books on Amazon - $15
Virtual Book Tour Magic - $17
The Savvy Book Marketer's Guide to Selling Your Book to Libraries - $19
Facebook Guide for Authors - $15
Twitter Guide for Authors - $15
Pinterest Guide for Authors - $7
                      Dana also offers AUDIO/VIDEO training programs:
How to Promote Your Novel - $21
Ultimate Book Marketing Plan Workshop - $97
Make Money with Teleseminars and Webinars - $37
Ebook Publishing Success - $47

Dan Poynter is the self-publishing guru. Dan speaks all over the world, and his advice is the gold standard for avoiding print-on-demand publishing scams. He show you how to do it all yourself, from producing the book to finding the best resources for editing, printing, and distribution, to tips from his free newsletter and excellent programs that help you market your book effectively. Go to Para Publishing and subscribe to Pubishing Poynters. Bobbi is a Book Shepherd, and an affiliate of Dan Poynter's Para Promotion program. 

CHECK the If You Love Cats page for other affiliates related to cats.

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