The Definitive Guide All Cats Should Own
a review of Kitty Cat Positions, Home & Afield
by Simon Teakettle III (Terzo)

Linda Miles and Betty Wilson have spent considerable time following cats around to capture every possible position we assume as we roam around the house, spend time in the garage or on the veranda, go to the vet (ouch!) and even to a cat show, into the jungle and even the desert.

I'm an indoor cat, but I can certainly relate to most of the cats depicted in this important reference book. I don't count very well (most cats aren't good at math) but I think there are close to 200 cats in this book, each with its common name and its Latin name, and on each page there are front and back profile silhouettes along with space for humans to note their own sightings.

One of my favorites is Felis finiscus, or Picky Kitty, which is the position I assume whenever I'm offered a new, supposedly “healthy” food that's formulated to provide all the required nutrients and taste like cardboard!

I can also relate to Admiration Kitty, as there's a photo of me looking in a mirror on this website.  I also appreciate Dress Up Kitty, because I like to pose in costume, too, especially in my Band Uniform to lead my Virtual MEWSical Society.

Published by The Institute for Kitty Cat Research, this book is a valuable reference. There are charts in the front, and alphabetical lists of both common and Latin names in the back. It belongs in every cat-lovers library.

It's important to note that one can purchase mugs with many of the positions, along with Certificates of Excellence issued by the Bureau of Good Kitty Cats, a subsidiary of the Institute. I expect to find one of these in my Christmas stocking!

The Institute donates to various spay/neuter and animal rescue groups, so although the book is available on Amazon, you might want to order directly from the Institute instead.

      Terzo's MEWSical Society