Selling Your Book to Libraries 
(reviewed by Barbara Florio Graham)

I've been selling my Canadian Libaries List to authors, small businesses, and organizations for more than two decades. But there are only about 100 Canadian libraries with purchasing power (the number varies because branches join or separate from larger systems over the years), just a fraction of the number of U.S. libraries.

This huge and lucrative market isn't as easy to access as the smaller and simpler Canadian one.

Dana Lynn Smith, the Savvy Bookmarketer, has 17 years of publishing experience, and previously worked in marketing for a business press. She handled book production, marketing, and fulfillment for this company, dealing with direct sales, library sales, online bookstores, and retail bookstores.

So she knows the library market well, and shares all the details in this comprehensive guide. She describes how 
to reach not only  top libraries, but also book review journals, associations, and other sales outlets.

This third edition was updated this year (2012), so all the information is current. The book describes the library market, how to target the right ones, the importance of reviews, how to reach both libraries and library associations, and how to handle fulfillment.

A handy action plan ends the book, and there's a companion book, the Directory of Top U.S. Libraries, containing a database with contact information for 50 of the largest public library systems and 50 of the largest university libraries in the U.S., along with a list of 150 of the largest public libraries in Texas, plus 122 academic libraries in Texas, Dana's home state.

Among Dana's other Savvy Book Marketer guidebooks are guides to using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Amazon, how to get your book reviewed, and how to conduct a virtual book tour.

100+ Canadian libraries with purchasing power, ready to print on labels

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