Make sure the MAIN information is in the MAIN clause.

Select an ACTIVE verb for the main clause,

Avoid weak verbs. 

Check every adverb immediately following a verb to determine if:

Look for adverbs masquerading as conjunctions.

Find the REAL subject of the verb in the main clause.

Select as PRECISE a noun as possible to use as the subject.

Reduce relative clauses to participial phrases.

Question every adverb phrase or clause. 

Change participles following verbs into infinitives.

Try an infinitive phrase instead of a gerund phrase, where a present participle is used as a noun.

Test adjectives by visualizing what they describe.

As you examine adjectives, check for missing hyphens.

Find every AND;  does it join two equals?

Can you justify EVERY SINGLE COMMA? 

Count quotation marks in pairs.