These are books you'll enjoy taking on vacation, to the beach, or into the bathroom.
They contain individual stories that can be read at one sitting,
in a waiting room, a parking lot, on a bus, train or plane.
Unlike short stories, these books are not fiction but real stories anyone can relate to.
Some are Misadventures, others tell the stories of interesting people, and some are really funny.

a collection of 34 first-person stories 
from 18 professional writers
in 14 locations across Canada

With subjects ranging from his experiences as a  soldier in the militia, movie extra, armored truck guard, apprentice chef and resort cook, as well as a stay-home dad, Steve makes true stories come to life.

Find out more at http://stevepitt.ca

Mewsings/Musings contains 10 humor pieces by
Barbara Florio Graham, and 10 by her cat
80 pages; illustrated. 

Some of the pieces in this award-winning book have won prizes for humor, and appeared in newspapers and magazines, as well as on CBC radio.

Table of Contents, reviews, etc. at:

After a career as a biomedical scientist, Jesse Sisken began formal studies of Greek and Roman Art, Ancient Greek Archaeology and Creative writing. This book, an eclectic collection of short stories set in the modern world, is one of the outgrowths of those studies.   jessesisken.com

           Gibberish: Tall Tales and Domestic Disasters From Beyond the Microphone is a compilation of essays having previously appeared in The Peterborough Examiner, as well as Canadian Living, Chatelaine, MacLean’s and The Globe and Mail, among others.
           Gordon Gibb is a popular broadcaster in Peterborough, Ontario, and one of the contributors to Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List.
          The soft cover books are $20, with $2 from each book ordered locally donated to Homegrown Homes, a Peterborough-based provider of affordable housing.
Available from www.GordonGibb.com and Amazon.

Thought-provoking true stories:

Helena Katz is a multi-talented journalist who has a degree in criminal justice and is also an award-winning travel writer.

A contiributor to Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List, she lives in the Northwest Territories where she and her partner have an alpaca farm.







The Big Book of Canadian Trivia
by Mark Kearney and Randy Ray
Paperback, 504 pages, with more than 60 illustrations
Details at: www.triviaguys.com



Whatever Happened To...? 
Catching Up With Canadian Icons
by Mark Kearney and Randy Ray
Details at: www.triviaguys.com