There are many books on self-publishing, but this one stands out because it was created by very specific print-on-demand technology, and the author describes each step in the process. She used CreateSpace, and because Pineapple Publications has a track record in producing useful books and manuals for businesses, the book is well-organized and comprehensive.

Pinheiro's eleven chapters begin with Getting Started, where she tackles the obvious question of how to avoid "vanity" publishers, finding the right niche, and what CreateSpace and other POD publishers offer. Her honest and fair assessment of these options is essential reading for anyone planning a venture into publishing.

The second chapter covers the nitty gritty business details, but it begins with an admonition I wish every potential author would take to heart. Pinheiro advises you to publish "useful" non-fiction. She points out why self-published fiction is difficult to market and has a much more difficult time finding an audience. She's also frank about the kinds of non-fiction that seldom reap success. I receive requests weekly to mentor authors who think their personal stories, their political or religious opinions, or their memoirs are going to become best-sellers. It's heart-breaking to have to tell them that their stories are not unique, their opinions are not valuable unless they happen to be already successful in that particular field and already have a following, and the only memoirs that make money are those written by (or for) celebrities.

If you do have a work of "useful" non-fiction, the remaining chapters take you through the process, including selecting typefaces, type of binding, trim size, and all the other details authors didn't used to have to worry about.

She also covers obtaining ISBNs, bar codes, establishing your new publishing company with Bowker, promoting on Amazon, setting up a website, adding Google AdWords for additional revenue, and protecting your copyright.

Chapter 11 contains interviews Pinheiro conducted with some of the top gurus in the field, including Dan Poynter. Nick Russell's contributions are spread throughout the book, as he describes his experiences as a newspaper publisher, speaker, and author of several books. He has specialized in travel in an RV, so is a good example of an author who found a niche market and uses various means to reach his target audience.

This book has a detailed Table of Contents which makes it easy to find exactly what you need, and a comprehensive index at the back as well. It can be ordered from Pineapple Publications in California.