If you've written a book you want to publish:

A new book is published every 13 minutes in North America.

Terry Whalin is the author of more than 60 books from traditional publishers, a former literary agent and still works as an acquisitions editor. He points out that editors and publishers don't read manuscripts; they want a solid proposal. Whalin's book, Book Proposals that Sell, offers 21 secrets to writing a winning proposal. He also offers courses and seminars to help you through the process. Use this link to reach him and order the updated ebook: http://tinyurl.com/puowhm4

The Para Promotion Program is a series of book promotion projects the author can accomplish without leaving home. The weekly assignments show the author what to do to reach his or her audience. Each assignment takes five to 120 minutes to complete. The program not only shows the author how to promote his or her current book, it is a crash course in book promotion that can be applied to future books. And authors who understand how to reach their audience tend to write books their readers want. For details, see
http://ParaPromotion.com. I am an affiliate of this program (having been a Book Shepherd for Dan Poynter and Para Publishing for many years) so PLEASE PUT MY NAME (Barbara Florio Graham) into the "referred by" box on the order form.

WARNINGS about current publishing scams: 

I served as a judge in Dan Poynter's first Global EBook Awards, and the program was so successful it is continuing this year. This is a way to get recognition for your ebook, with significant publicity on the Global Ebook site and the ability to use certificates and award seals on your books and website. Check it out at:
http://globalebookawards.com/ and if you decide to register, PLEASE PUT MY NAME (Barbara Florio Graham) into the "referred by" box on the order form.