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Members & Fans of the MEWSical Society come from 23 countries on six continents, including  Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Israel,  Japan, Kenya,  Malaysia. Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Phillipines, Sweden,  Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the U.K. and the U.S.

Terzo's Video

shows him doing all his "tricks" including give one paw and then the other, not touching a treat until he's allowed, sitting with both paws on
Bobbi's palm, and several others.

In the video you'll see him at the computer as well as playing in his tunnels.  

This video was entered in the Just for Cats Film Festival, for possible showing in Ottawa on June 22.

Thanks to Diana Lester for producing this wonderful memory and promotional tool. We also entered a photo of Terzo in the Facebook contest. See: 

The story of Terzo's MEWSical Society was featured in the spring issue of MEOW, the newsletter of the Cat Writers' Association.

December 27

This is our final blog post for 2014, and we'll be taking a bit of a hiatus while we redesign  the 2015 blog. So we're grateful to Molly Davis for yet another wonderful photo showcasing Chris's crafting skills.

Here's Molly, "guarding" the nativity scene, one of his favorite spots to nap. Note his fluffy tail and the paw hanging off the edge of the shelf!

December 20

The Japanese island of Tashirojima is populated almost entirely by cats. They were brought to the island to keep mice from devastating silkworm farms, but when industry left the island, so did the human population. That's when the cat population boomed. The locals feed and care for the semi-feral cats believing it will being them good luck and prosperity. The fishermen also believe that the cats help predict weather patterns.

Another tidbit we noticed this week is that Jordan, a tuxedo cat who lives with Catholic friars in Edinburgh, spends most of his time at the Edinburgh University library. The library has issued him his own library card, and students set up a Facebook page for him.

The eight-year-old was adopted by the friars as a kitten, but has always preferred the company of students, and the well-heated library. He only returns to the friary to eat supper.

December 13

Santa clearly read our list this year, as  we now have our 6th continent, 23rd country, and three more species in our Fan Club.

Thanks to Craig McMahon, who had been working for NASA in Chile, we have a hairy armadillo, a vicuna, and six penguins!

Hairy Harper is shown at the right. For the others, go to the Fan Club page.

December 6

With Christmas creeping closer, you may want to check out our many pages of fascinating facts, including things you may not have known about Christmas. Scroll to the bottom of the main Facts page for those.

Of course we have a page of Cat Facts, with many links to interesting sites, as well as information about cat characteristics and origins, recent studies and statistics, and tidbits about other feline species.

November 29

American members of our MEWSical Society and Fan Club celebrated Thanksgiving this week, so in honor of them, we're using a photo of Terzo in his pumpkin bib.

Don't forget that December 4 is Santa's List Day.  We've already received one gift, an I-Go2 Traveler, made by Pet Gear in Rutland, Vermont. 

This combines a carrier with a roller bag, and can be used as a car seat, tote or back pack. We're eager to try it out!

November 22

We're featuring a lovely bench made by Chris Davis, whose charming tuxedo, Molly, is a member of our MEWSical Society. Chris created this to celebrate National Cat Day.

The new company SpokesCat for Simon Teakettle Ink is expected to arrive any day. In the meantime, we've been adding lots of fascinating items to all our facts pages. If you start with Facts you can then click on the links to all the other pages, including Animals, Inventions, History, etc.

November 15

Some cats live in the lap of luxury. Chuck Blazer, a member of the FIFA Executive Committee from 1996 to April 2013, has a  $6,000/month apartment in the Trump Towers just for his cats, next to his own $18,000/month unit.

There's also a luxe cat hotel in Montreal just for dogs and cats. Muzo, which is French for "muzzle," offers private rooms and various amenities for lucky guests.

Meanwhile, abandoned cats live outdoors, getting by using their wits and natural instinct. Cuddles is one of the cats found on an abandoned farm in Chelsea, Quebec.

November 8

MEWSical Society member Tulip Adams proved she understands actual words, not just the intonation of Sylvia's voice. Every morning Tulip enjoys a treat in the kitchen, which Sylvia calls her "crunchies." The then settles in beside Sylvia in the office, next to the computer.

Last week, Sylvia was watching a video online in which a man described his exercise routine: leg lifts, sit-ups, crunches, etc. When he said "crunches" she gave an approving little "mew" and ran off to the kitchen.

October 31

October 29 was National Cat Day, and National Animal Shelter Appreciation week is November 2-8.

We're celebrating Hallowe'en with a photo of one of our Fan Club members,  Sunny Mao, who models for dog costumes created in  Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, China.

She seems pretty happy to wear a hooded pumpkin coat!

October 25

Visitors to our household are often surprised that we not only have LOTS of cat figurines, photos, and stuffed animals, but also many elephants and giraffes. Bobbi has collected both since childhood, so we were thrilled to find two more animals from Kenya to add to our Fan Club.

We already have two goats, who are helping to support orphaned boys in Kenya, but have just discovered a wonderful sactuary for orphaned elephants and giraffes. They're supported by donations from "foster parents" and you can read about them on their website.

October 17

Yesterday was Feral Cat Day, which brings attention to the many cats who spend most or all of their lives outdoors. Many are the result of multiple litters from cats who were abandoned by their owners, and it's a growing problem in urban areas, as well as on farms.

We have many ferals in our MEWSical Society, as well as in the Fan Club, where a colony of ferals, almost all black or black and white, live in the barn on a farm owned by a close friend. The McElroys have created a safe haven for these cats, providing beddding, water and food, but many ferals aren't so lucky.

One of our affiliates, Alley Cat Allies is a major supporter of feral cat rescue, as is Alley Cat Rescue, which is based in Maryland.  Also, the creator of The Pride Cartoon maintains a colony of ferals on Long Island, New York.

It's really important to support these organizations, and also to encourage everyone to spay or neuter their cats!

October 11

Fuzzy Rohde, who took over from Wuffy as the dog who rescues kittens, has a close bond with his latest pal, Trixie. They live in Los Angeles, CA, but much further north, in the NWT, Mowka Katz keeps his pal, Tempe, out of harm's way by following her everywhere. If Helena wants to know where Tempe is, she just looks out in the pasture to find the huge Great Pyrenees dog.

Tempe is a member of the MEWSical Society, and Wuffy was one of our first Fan Club members.

October 4

We tend to think of black cats this month, leading up to Hallowe'en. In fact, many shelters refuse to place black cats in the last weeks of October.

That's why Natasha Lennick wasn't adopted until the first week of November, 11 years ago next month.

Nat the Brat, as she's affectionately known, has been a member of the MEWSical Society since the beginning. David Lennick, whose computer Nat commandeers on occasion, was the CBC radio host who first began to feature Simon Teakettle on the air.

September 27

We have a bear in our Fan Club! Bella lives at the Montana Grizzly Encounter, a grizzly bear rescue and education sanctuary.

We've also heard from a woman in China who creates costumes for dogs. Gloria Mao's company is in Suzhou Industrial Park, and sent photos of a variety of adorable costumes she's created for dogs. We'll feature a Halloween costume next month.

Great Canadian Theatre Company has opened their 40th season with a stunning play, the world premiere of Boy in the Moon, by Emil Sher, from the award-winning memoir written by Ian Brown.  It's received excellent reviews.

September 20

If you thought Lily Fry was cute, take a look at the latest addition to the Fan Club. Nefertiti was
rescued from the streets of Cairo to join MEWSical Society member Miss Noha Hagenguth, and the other Fan Club members in this busy household.

Heike Hagenguth is a German national who has lived in Egypt for many years, and works with rescue organizations there. Her son, Jan, goes to school in Germany, but misses his pets in Cairo!

September 13

Next month The New Yorker magazine is holding their annual Festival. On Saturday, Oct. 11, at 7pm, there will be a public debate called:  You, the Jury: Cats vs. Dogs, which will feature supporting arguments and readings from notable authors and other luminaries, with live cats and dogs taking part. Some of people on the podiumand in the audience may very well be New York residents  we see regularly on TV.

For example, Meredith Viera, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Jon Stewart all have cats, as do Sting (who is in New York preparing for his new musical),
Bernadette Peters and Howard & Beth Stern. 

It's pretty certain that Paul Krugman, who writes for The NewYorker will be there (his cats are named Doris Lessing and Einstein) and Joyce Carol Oates is one of the speakers listed on the program.

There's a huge list of  Celebrity Cat owners HERE.

September 5

Welcome to two new feline members of our great  Fan Club, both of who are related to MEWSical Society members. 

Mr. Finn MacKool has joined the Zobel household in Norwalk, Connecticut, and Ginger Reardon has taken up residence in Ottawa, Ontario.

Meanwhile, the first cat cafe in Montreal has been so popular the owners are planning a second location.  Hope they consider Ottawa soon!

Sometimes we come across something for the Cat Facts page that we want to share here:

Hodge, Samuel Johnson's favorite cat, has his own statue at Number 17 Gough Square where Dr. Johnson lived from 1748 to 1759. Hodge is sitting on Dr. Johnson's famous dictionary, as any respectable cat would, with a couple of tasty oysters. On his death, Hodge's life was celebrated in An Elegy on The Death of Dr Johnson's Favourite Cat by poet Percival Stockdale: Who, by his master when caressed, warmly his gratitude expressed, and never failed his thanks to purr, whene'er he stroked his sable fur&ldots;

August 30

The secret is out!  Bobbi wrote a blog post called, Make Your Pet a Celebrity, which garnered her a permanent spot as a contributing blogger at The Publicity Hound. Read it on the blog page, at:

The Virtual Assistant who helps out at that site applied for a job with us, but Shelby seems to fall asleep on the job! She and her brother, Sylvester,
have joined the Fan Club, however.

August 22

We have our first fans from Vermont! Zorro is a feral ragdoll, and his brother, Norton, is a laid-back orange tabby. They live with Catherine Holm (whose nickname is Cat) and her husband, who moved from northern Minnesota last year.

We're still missing a few states, so if you're reading this and know of any pets in North Dakota, D.C., Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Utah, Oklahoma or Tennessee, ask them to join!

We've had a lot of rain here this summer, so if you have to spend more time indoors, watch this video of the Duet for Two Cats by Rossini: 

Or watch this cat figure out how to get a drink out of a water cooler:

The premier pet magazine in India has just published Bobbi's award-winning article, Training Your Cat Like a Dog. Read the article in the current issue, beginning on page 40:

August 15

Sunday is Black Cat Appreciation Day. We have many black cats in the MEWSical Society, and both Simon Teakettle the first and the second (Tiki) were all black. In fact, the first Simon was quoted in The Beside Book of Celebrity Gossip (Crown, 1984) as calling Morris and Garfield those phony Americans in their loud orange suits. Simon was becoming known as the classy cat in the black fur tuxedo, and had already been on CBC radio for three years.

Another Society member, Molly Davis, will be helping out at the New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland this week, when Chris Davis presents a special workshop called Dancing With Your Dragons, as well as participating in a forum of authors talking about using magic and imagination to conquer fear.

On the right, you'll see Molly sitting in the tent Chris has created for her presentation. Note that the teddy bear and sword are larger than she is!

August 8

Today is World Cat Day! To celebrate, we're posting a new photo of one of the members of the MEWSical Society, Tulip Adams, who was enjoying visitors who brought presents for Sylvia's Big Birthday.

We're also celebrating a new member of our Fan Club, an addition to the famous Acro-Cats, who has proven to be a quick study, learning all the tricks in record time.

Here's Nola, sitting up on command, and "singing" along with the Rock-Cats. That means she's technically a member of the MEWSical Society as well, because the Rock-Cats are our Featured Performers.

One of our other featured performers is Aragon, aka Lord Tubbington of Glee fame. There's an article about Aragon on the Conscious Cats website, at:

August 2

We received a wonderful present this week, mailed all the way from Taiwan! Eric Lo, the exceptionally creative wire artist who has a page on our website, created  this lovely card holder.

Meanwhile, we've added the 100th dog to our Fan Club! Minion is the new puppy in the Buchanan household in Scottsdale, Arizona.

July 26

It's often tempting to add another species to our Fan Club, even if they aren't actual pets, or don't have names. One such candidate is this young osprey, which Helen Russo was allowed to hold while a wildlife official in Montana tagged it.

We're going to bend the rules for this magnificent bird, because there are so many Russo fans already, including cats and dogs who live in Panama City, their cousins in Spokane, Washington, and our first turtle!

We'll get back to featuring cats in this blog in August, as August 8 is World Cat Day, and August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day.


July 19

Steve Pitt continues to add to our Fan Club. His former dog joined, then his current dog, Chocka, along with her cousins and neighbor dogs, our first robin, our first otter, our first calf, and now our first deer. Rosie is a white-tail who is a frequent visitor to Steve's sister's property in Astorville, Ontario.  When nobody chased her away, she returned with her daughter, Rosette. See them together on the Fan Club page.

Keep in mind that Steve is also responsible for both of the goats in the Fan Club. They both live in a small village in Kenya, where they provide both milk and baby goats so their young owners can go to school.

July 11

This is Pet Photo Day, and we're featuring another adorable black and white cat. Molly Davis likes to lounge inside the bird feeder!

She recently joined the MEWSical Society after sending us so many hilarious photos we had to make her the Casting Director for our virtual production of Alice in Wonderland.

July 4

Happy Canada Day earlier this week, and Happy Fourth  of July today, to all our Canadian and American fans.

But we now have fans from 19 other countries, and have finally received a photo of our first fan from Costa Rica. We added that country to the list a while back, but the photo took longer to arrive than we anticipated.

The good news is that Trony has three siblings. It's fairly obvious, however, that he's the Lord of the Manor, given his position on top of this planter.

June 28

We've just added South Dakota to the list of states where we have Fans. This adorable Yorkie is from Natalie's Little Yorkies,  true teacup and parti Yorkies that are both healthy and AKC Registered.

Since this seems to be a Dog Week, we should mention that Rosie, a deaf pit bull mix, was recently adopted by Cindy Koch, a woman who also happens to be deaf. When Rosie first arrived at the  Central Nebraska Humane Society, workers couldn't figure out why she wouldn't respond to them. But one shelter volunteer  realized Rosie couldn't hear them, and set out to teach the 3-year-old dog sign language. 

June 21

Tomorrow the Just for Cats video festival is playing in Ottawa. Our Prime Minister is a huge cat fan, and his wife is a key supporter of the Ottawa Humane Society.

We entered Terzo's video, but it may be that they wanted silly, funny video clips instead of the "day in the life" our video depicts, which is also a demonstration of cat training.

However, a couple of photos of Terzo are in the Facebook page for the festival. They asked for "unusual sleeping positions" and we thought this one,  with Terzo on his back, holding two mice, might garner some Likes.

June 13

It's Friday the 13th, and also a Full Moon, which only happens every 20 years or so. Fascinating facts about the moon (and lots of other things) on our Facts page. When you do there, you'll see links to facts about Culture, Animals, Food, History, and Inventions. And, of course, there's a separate page just for Cat Facts.

You may notice we've revised this page a bit this week. We moved the old blogs to the Site Map, and streamlined things a bit.

Meanwhile, we're expecting our 213th cat fan to join us, making Costa Rica the 21st country hosting our Fabulous Fan Club.  

June 7

John Koensgen, one of the Human Advisors  in the MEWSical Society, is among the cast of the world premiere of a new play by award-winning playwright George F. Walker.  At the right he's shown with Eric Coates, GCTC's Artistic Director, who is a fan of Simon Teakettle. So is Arthur Milner, the play's director.

And in case you didn't know, June 4 was Hug Your Cat Day.

May 31

We've added a second goat to the Fan Club, another donation from Steve Pitt to a boy in Kenya. This one is another female, who will provide both milk and baby goats to help this young boy go to school.

The earlier goat Steve donated was named Bobbi, and this one is Terzo. We don't know if these boys live in the same village, but like the idea that Bobbi the Goat and Terzo the Goat might see each other occasionally!

Support the Get Your Goat program by going to the website called Creation of Hope

May 24

Our MEWSical Society's new virtual musical production is Alice in Wonderland. We've managed to cast all the members of the Society in this huge show, and have even added a few affliate members to help us out.

Willow Atherton has been cast as Alice, and because it's such a significant role, she has an understudy, Aimee Arden.

Bungie Quesnel, the first rabbit to join our Fan Club, is coaching the March Hare and the White Rabbit. You can see Bungie's picture if you scroll down to the blog entry for Easter.

Many fans of the book forget that Alice has a cat named Dinah. We've cast Lily Fry in this role, although she seems to be dozing in rehearsals.

A production this large needs a transportation coordinator, so we recruited Sanchez, who seems at ease behind the wheel of the truck on the Katz-Couvrette alpaca farm in the NWT.

Check out the whole cast on the Alice cast page.

Our dancing  penguins fans, in Chile.

The first vicuna in our Fan Club is named
NASA, and appears to be looking for the
satellite in the distant sky.

Hairy Harper, our first armadillo fan.

Above is one of the first photos ever taken of Tiki (Simon II), as a tiny kitten.
He lived to age 19!

And we couldn't resist this "kitten on the keys"


Terzo's mouse friend in hungry, too!


Tulip waiting for her "crunchies."

Kauro, above, and Kili, right, from  the  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya

Mozart Russo, who lives in Spokane, Washington

Snuggles Jamone, hiding in Ottawa, Ontario


Fuzzy and Trixie Rhode, in Los Angeles, California.

Nat the Brat proofreading David's copy at
the computer in the Lennick household.

Bella, the young grizzle who has just
joined the Fan Club.

Nefertiti is so tiny she fits on this glass plate!

MEWSical Society member Lily Fry
trying to get into the treat jar.

         Mr. Finn MacKool Zobel

Ginger Reardon, in Ottawa, Ontario

Shelby Buffaloe, sleeping on the job.

Zorro lying on his back, paws in the air.

Zorro and Norton head to head on the couch.

Natasha Lennick, aka Nat the Brat,
refusing to read the newspaper.

Tulip (above), greeting Ottawa visitors in July,
and Nola (below) performing with the Acro-Cats.

Molly Davis, relaxing just outside Portland, Oregon.

Trony Solorsano, Uvita, Costa Rica

Rosie Nelson, Fan Club member from
Watertown, South Dakota. 

Terzo with two of his favorite mice.

Aimee Arden, purring on Darlene's lap.

John Koensgen and Eric Coates on the GCTC stage.
              (photo by Andrew Alexander)

Willow rehearsing for the Mad
Hatter's Tea Party.

Lily Fry as Dinah, Alice's cat.


May 17

Everybody 24has probably seen the amazing video of the tabby, Tara, who saved a young boy from a vicious attack by a neighbor's dog. The Independent in the U.K. published the whole story, with photos:

This amazing tale just proves that cats have the same degree of devotion to their humans as dogs do. Tara was a stray who followed the child's parents home, and was a constant companion to their little boy from birth.

May 10

It's appropriate, when celebrating Mother's Day, to acknowledge those pet moms who put up with kitten antics. Lindy Miles, who observes cat behavior at the Institute For Kitty Cat Research reports that she no longer buys red mice toys because Zippy likes to dip a mouse into the waterbowl. Lindy nearly had a heart attack when she saw the water was blood red.

She also reports that another roll of papertowels was slain recently when she forgot to close a cabinet door. The week before, a roll of toilet paper was brutally shredded when the bathroom door was left ajar. Not one of the six study subjects at the Institute For Kitty Cat Research confessed.

May 3

We've added some new fans this week, including our first calf!  Gaucho Hone is one of three calves born on the farm next door to Chocka Pitt in Rutherglen, Ontario.

Also added this week are three cats. Kitty Russo is the newest cat in Bailey Russo's household. Bailey has been a member of our MEWSical Society since the beginning, and her housemates, Rocky and Balboa are among the almost 100 dogs in the Fan Club.

We've also added two other siblings of Society members: "Mouse" and Xena Nichols, siblings to Omaste, a TICA Champion LaPerm in London,  England.

April 26

The Happy Guest Hotel Lodge in Dutton, Cheshire, offers visitors to northern England a goldfish  to keep them company. Guests can pre-order “Happy” to be waiting in their room when they arrive. Meanwhile, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, in an area east of London's financial district, offers two hours of kitty company while they enjoy refreshments. The cozy English tea room, named after Alice's cat in "Alice in Wonderland," has eleven resident cats donated by people leaving the country. Cat cafes first took off 10 years ago in Japanese cities, where many people live alone in cramped high-rise apartment blocks that don't allow pets. Cat cafes are beginning to open in the U.S. as well, in New York City and San Francisco.

April 19

In celebration of Easter, we're featuring the first rabbit to join our fan club. Bungie lives across the street, and joined our fan club in the first year. He's very tame, loves to play with the children, and was happy to have me pet him.

The MEWSical Society is currently casting our fourth Virtual Production, Alice in Wonderland, and although he isn't eligible to be in the cast (it's a cats-only production!) we plan to enlist him to coach the March Hare and the White Rabbit.

April 12

Finding a missing cat is complex. Henry Freeman is a Rescue Cat, who works with a cat recovery expert in Austin, Texas. She has solved lost cat cases all over the world. 

Here is Henry wearing his special rescue vest. Go to and download the free tip booklet

April 5

We're celebrating Shakespeare's 450th birthday all month. At the right you'll see some of the wall of portraits of Shakespeare we have in our den. Bobbi has also collected costume sketches over the years from the Stratford Festival in Ontario, and we have a series of those in frames as well. 

The Player's Advice to Shakespeare will go to Edinburgh this summer, with John Koesngen at the helm. New Theatre of Ottawa, the company John founded, won several awards when this show was first produced in Ottawa. They're now hoping to raise enough funds to cover the trip to Scotland. Information and a donate button are on the New Theatre website: 

Bobbi is a huge Shakespeare fan, and has seen all 37 plays in live performance (including Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench in Antony & Cleopatra, Orson Welles as King Lear , and Robert Ryan as Coriolanus.

She is remembered by many of her former students at The Latin School of Chicago for how she taught Shakespeare, "casting" the play and have the class read and act out certain scenes.

March 29

We have our first Fan Club members from Turkey!
Ace and Spike  Tramantano live in Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey, with a group of rescue dogs, many of whom are in foster care before being placed in "forever" homes.

Meanwhile, Eric Lo, who lives in Taiwan, and sent us his dog, Little Bear,  for the Fan Club, makes stunning wire jewelry in his spare time. He sent Bobbi this beautiful copper cat pendant. Our mailman rang the doorbell to give us the package, wondering who we know from so far away!

March 21

We're inviting four Scottish Fold cats to join our Fan Club. Liam, Fiona, Fibber and Oliver have a kitty paradise in their giant 6’ x 12’ screened in "catio"  in Fort Pierce, Florida, which is shown on this website:

The Scottish Fold is a breed we don't yet have in our MEWSical Society or in the Fan Club.  We do, however, have some exotic breeds, including the beautiful La Perm. We hadn't even heard of that breed until Omaste joined our MEWSical Society.

The photo at the right shows her stunning coloring and magnifent plumed tail. Read more about her and her LaPerm siblings at:

March 15

Several members of my MEWSical Society live in the Ottawa area, and so do many members of the Fan Club. One fan is Jacqueline Singleton, who Bobbi met for the first time recently.

She's big, furry Maine Coon with a sweet face and a delightful PURRsonality.

Bobbi found out that Jacqueline likes stuffed toys, so brought her a small teddy bear. It came from Bobbi's large collection, and won't be missed.

Meanwhile, we don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day here, so I don't have a photo of me in a green outfit or wearing a shamrock. Instead, we celebrate the Ides of March,  the date on the Roman calendar which is notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.

When Bobbi was teaching at The Latin School of Chicago, some of her students dubbed March 15 as Ubble Day, as they studied Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in her class. One of those former students is Susan Haskins, creator, producer and co-host of Theatre Talk, who lives with Fan Club member, Stanley. 

March 8

Just came across a quote to share: Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. Robert A. Heinlein wrote this. He's the author who also said Never try to outstubborn a cat, a quote that appears in one of the pieces in Mewsings/Musings.

We usually require that any pets who join our Fan Club have a first and last name, but occasionally we have to make an exception. We did that for our robin, the ducks, and the koala and kangaroos from Australia.

We've just made an exception, as well, for two cats our pal, Barbara Desmeules photographed on her recent trip to China and Japan.

March 1, 2014

One of the newest members of my Fan Club is Doodle DeLong, one of four kitties in Nova Scotia who live with a garden writer. I love this shot of Doodle with a bunch of tulips, as it makes me think Spring might finally be on its way.

However, we still have Huge Mounds of snow on the ground, and overnight temperatures Way Below Zero, so I don't think we're going to any early tulips this year!

By the way, Doodle's full name is Snickerdoodle, although he's often also called Doodlebug. His pals in the DeLong household have also joined us: Mungus (for humongous, because he's Very Big), Tiny Timbit, and Loki. 

February 22, 2014:

February is Library Lovers Month,  so we're featuring a couple of members of our MEWSical Society enjoying books. First is Tulip, enjoying one of the books Sylvia received for Christmas.

I also enjoyed a gift book and matching mug sent to me just before the holidays. They came from the  Institute of Kitty Cat Research.

The mug depicts Picky Cat, but the Institute sells several others, along with an authentic Certificate of Excellence suitable for framing. We don't have one of those yet, but we did receive a picture frame with BEST CAT EVER! engraved at the bottom.

Read about Library Cats:

Did you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17?  I think this is a great way for humans to show their Appreciation, not only for each other, but also for Cats and Dogs. What a Random Act of Kindness it would be to donate Money, Food, or Toys to an animal shelter. 

The other Act of Kindness might be for you to encourage more pets to join my Fan Club! We just added our first groundhog, courtesy of the Acro-Cats, who added this little guy as a helper.

February 14, 2014

I'm wearing my Valentine sweater to send purrs to all of you. This is also the photo we used on the poster Bobbi delivered to GCTC last week, for the cast and crew to enjoy during the run of This is War.

One of the Human Advisors to my MEWSical Society is John Koensgen, the award-winning actor and director who teaches fight direction. He worked with the actors in this production to make the fights look authentic but still be safe.

I wonder if I could get a job teaching other cats how to play-fight without hurting each other?

February 7, 2014:

Bobbi has spent these cold winter days building membership in my Fan Club, so we now have 18 countries represented, on 5 continents (only missing South America and Antartica.

Our latest member is a cat our friend, Barbara, found dozing on a box in the Hong Kong flower market. Never without a camera, Barbara sent us the photo, and hopes you'll go to her travel blog to see more. 

February is Library Lovers Month, so we'll be featuring some of our MEWSical Society members enjoying books. Then, February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Does being kind to your cat count? Or maybe you have to randomly kind to a stray cat?

February 1, 2014:

Our first Fan Club member from the Philippines was rescued on the streets of Manila by a visiting journalist. Marion Canute and Bobbi have been friends for many years, and she is currently working in Geneva, but brought Ella back to Montreal to live with her mother temporarily, until Marion returns to Canada.

Meanwhile, we're gearing up for Valentine's Day. Bobbi will be delivering my Valentine poster to
Great Canadian Theatre Company this week.

January 25, 2014

What a week we've had! We snagged new Fan Club members from Prince Edward Island (one of the provinces not yet represented in Club ranks) as well as from two new countries: Mexico and Taiwan!

Willow, our MEWSical Society member from Edmonton, who is also featured in our first set of Greeting Cards, found Benny for us, and also sent a note this week asking about my Mysterious New Toy.

It's a white plastic ball that is attached to the coffee table by a suction cup, and there's a wand with a feather toy at the end. I wasn't impressed until Bobbi touched the button on the top. Wow! The wand whips around, back and forth, while bird sounds fill the room. At first I thought they were birds outside, so ran to the window to look.

January 18, 2014

I seem to be talking a lot about dogs so far this year, but couldn't resist Decoding Your Dog, because I figure many cats who lives with dogs ought to read this book! One of the editors was our own Steve Dale, whose cat, Roxy, is a member of my MEWSical Society.

Meanwhile, our two newest feline Fan Club members,  Sir Ditymus and Lady Aria Stark, seem to live happily with a Very Large Dog. 

Bobbi came home last night with a Mysterious Package from the dollar store. She wouldn't let me see what's inside, so I suspect she bought me a Wonderful New Toy and won't let me play with it until she has the camera set up.

She had dinner with a group of women writers, including Iris, who produces my Perpetual Calendar and the MEWSical Society blank cards.

January 11, 2014

Our first Fan Club member from Missouri is Shugar, who is modeling one of the unique breathable, washable pet garments which prevent   licking & chewing at surgical sutures & hot spots.

I sure hope I never have to wear one of these, because although I love to Dress Up, I don't want to suffer from any condition that requires being encased in a Protective Garment! 

However, Accidents Do Happen. Willow, one of the members of my MEWSical Society, who is also featured in our first set of greeting cards, is currently wearing a purple collar, to keep her from scratching at the stitches in her chin. She didn't tell me too much about What Happened, but I hope she can take the collar off soon! Meanwhile, we told her about Tulane's Closet.

Willow lives in Edmonton, where it has been Even Colder Than Here. I've been frustrated because our north-facing windows are all frosted over! Thank goodness I had New Toys to play with. I particularly like the purple striped mouse June Coxon gave me. If you don't know who June is, check the FAQs for the Members and Advisors of the Society. June has taken my Perpetual Calendar to the Ottawa School of Art, and our greeting cards to a local florist.

January 2, 2014:

We always start off the New Year by keeping the last few messages from last year's blog on this page. They gradually move down as we add more from the top. Don't I sound as if I know a lot about technology? I don't! That's why I need Bobbi.

Our Fan Club keeps growing! We'll be adding another cat this week, and I'm daring to set a goal of 333 cats by my 10th birthday. Why that number? Because there are 33 cats (and a parrot) in my MEWSical Society.

Speaking of the Society, it's a Virtual Musical Society so we're casting our next show. We've had several requests for Alice in Wonderland, and will be asking Society members to audition for key roles. I expect Willow and Lily (both of whom are featured in our first set of blank greeting cards) to vie for the role of Alice, while the tuxedos compete for the Mad Hatter, Knave of Hearts and March Hare. We'll need siblings to play Tweedledee and Tweeledum, and a white male for the White Rabbit.

Stay tuned; this is going to be fun!

The four male alpacas in our camelid chorus were just featured in a CBC new clip. Watch Brinks, Bee-Jay, Hudson and Morgan in action (along with the dogs who guard them at:

December 28, 2013:

We had a great Christmas. Here I am, peering into my gift bag, ready to snatch the tissue paper and pull out my present.

I had already received a beautiful new catnip mouse from MEWSical Society pal, June Coxon. It has purple stripes and a bright green tail, so is unlikely to be attacked and stripped as I do with my fur mice.

Earlier this week Bobbi found two of these, one with its fur intact, splayed with the lining up, in a gruesome post, in the middle of the hallway. The plastic centre was in the guest room, where I had moved it for safekeeping.

The other mouse was still intact, but she could see how I had already started to carefully remove the stitching on the underside. If you want to know more about this process, click on How to Kill a Toy Mouse.

But back to my present! As you can see, it's a  sturdy bag with a spring-loaded feature so it stays open, and has  multiple holes to search for toys.


December 21, 2013:

Every year we share the wall hanging created by a Simon Teakettle fan who heard Simon Teakettle's Twelve Days of Christmas on Arthur Black's CBC network radio show, Basic Black.

You can see that Mrs. Brown added her name, as this was her original design. Notice the chipmunk in  high tree,  the three fat frogs, the six snowflakes falling and the eight faucets leaking.

The entire poem is in Mewsings/Musings.

We've stayed in touch with Art, who now writes a column for Zoomer Magazine, and continues to bring out a new humor book every few years. Some of his books are on our Humor page.

December 14, 2013:

This is a busy time, as Bobbi's birthday is next week, and I'm trying to write her a birthday poem. Meanwhile, two of the ladies who live with members of my MEWSical Society took her out for an early birthday dinner last week. She saved the Happy Birthday thingy from the top of the cake, but wouldn't let me play with it!

Speaking of poems, she wrote a silly ditty for the Ottawa Independent Writers' Christmas party, and came home with 2nd prize!


If You Love Cats

All of the 2013 Blog

The adorable Princess Grava, the newest member of the Fan Club.


Ruby (top), Velvet, and Zippy on the stairs at The Institute for Kitty Cat Research.

A new photo of Gabby Mohd, our MEWSical Society member from
Malasia. He plays the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland.

Zippy, ready to pounce, and with
Socks, (below) inspecting a mouse.


Gaucho Hone, relaxing in Rutherglen, Ontario.
This was cropped from a larger photo showing 
all three siblings with their mom standing guard.

     A beautiful beta fish from our Fan Club.

                               Bungie Quesnel

Copper wire cat pendant handcrafted by Eric Lo.

Jacqueline Singleton, peeking above the coffee
table (above), and playing with her new bear (below).

              Cat in Nagasaki.

         Sylvia reading to Tulip

Cat in Hong Kong flower market.

Ella Canute, from Manila, the Philippines,
now living in Montreal, Quebec


Our first Mexican fan, Benny Cornelius, 
who lives in San Joses del Cabo, Mexico.

The new book Steve helped to produce.

      Shugar  Syberg,  St. Peters, Missouri
           modeling for Tulane's Closet.

Willow Atherton-Reid, in her collar.

        Here I am, celebrating the New Year. 
This photo is also in my new Perpetual Calendar. 

Stanley Haskins, a member of my MEWSical Society,
after his New Year's celebration in New York.

Searching for my present inside the bag.

Pouncing on one of the holes to reach the toy inside.