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for writers, authors with a book project either completed or in progress, authors or entrepreneurs who need help with marketing and promotion.

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This PDF contains course materials with 8 lectures, suggested assignments to do at your own pace, as well as new and updated bonus material. No feedback, as that's only available in the complete Tapping Your Innate Creativity cours.  A bargain at just $35.  Email BFG @ to arrange for payment and delivery of the PDF.


Don't sign a book contract without ensuring that the terms are fair, and you aren't going to incur legal costs the publisher should cover. Also make sure you will be protected if the company goes out of business, and other key clauses.

Also check all our free publishing resources for information about publishing scams, copyright, and links to government and professional organizations.


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Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List, now available in all e-book formats: E-book version just $4.99 (for the Kobo, Nook, Kindle, and other devices as well as in PDF format)

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